Happy Steamy Valentines Day

claimmydesirecoverAs an author of steamy romance and erotica, I can’t let Valentines Day slip through my fingers without some sort of acknowledgement. So… I am celebrating the day by offering a short story written especially with the holiday in mind. I hope that you will enjoy it and share it with your own special someone.

Melanie doesn’t want to suffer through another blind date disaster. Since her break-up a few months ago, she just hasn’t approached dating with the same enthusiasm. Instead, she would rather hide away at her best friend’s cabin in the middle of nowhere and pretend like it’s just another weekend.

Cole hasn’t found the perfect woman to satisfy his desires so for the time being, he’s happily single. In order to focus his attention on his latest erotica novel, he escapes to his cousin’s cabin where he will not be disturbed. The last thing he expects is to find a beautiful woman to share his company.

A snow storm keeps either of the unlikely couple from leaving the small cabin but they don’t mind. One amazing meal and a bottle of wine later, they find themselves tangled in the best sex that either of them as ever experienced. Now Melanie is left to wonder if she’s simply inspiration for another character in his stories or if he feels the same way she does, while Cole thinks that Melanie is only in it for no-strings fun before running at the first sign of clear roads.

Now, the snippet…

In the kitchen area the shadows were deeper and she found it difficult to make out the expression on his face. She wasn’t sure why he felt the need to make this confession. She took two steps back until she bumped into the kitchen sink. Instead of moving away, he moved with her, two bodies locked in a dance. He put a hand on the counter on either side of her, pinning her in place. She could feel her entire body tremble with the proximity of his. His breath warmed her face.

“What do you mean?”

“I shouldn’t do this,” he said, “but I can’t help myself.”

“You should kiss me,” she whispered.

“It’s just that…”

She closed the distance between them pressing her lips into his with hunger and insistence. She didn’t want it to feel so good but it did. She was starving for his touch.

“Wow,” he said when they broke contact.

“We might need to do that again.”

He lowered his face to hers slowly, taking her head into his hands and pressing his mouth against hers, tasting her and tempting her with his tongue as he did. His hands moved down along her sides and back making her tingle and melt into his arms.

“I shouldn’t be doing this,” he repeated, breaking the kiss. She groaned, pulling him closer. He brushed the hair out of her face, softly stroking her cheek as she did and he kissed her gently along the line of her jaw and nibbled her neck as she tipped her head back to allow him better access. His hand squeezed her shoulder, let go, and traveled down her chest to graze her breast through her sweatshirt. She arched her back into his touch, very much aware that she hadn’t bothered to put on a bra in her haste to get dressed. His fingertips circled the hardness of her nipple under his touch.

“I need to touch you.”

“Yes,” she whispered knowing that he could do anything to her and she wouldn’t stop him. He reached down to her waist to grab the edge of her sweatshirt and lift it up over her head, tossing it aside. She shivered slightly from the chill but knew he wouldn’t allow her to get cold.

He buried his head between her breasts using both hands to touch and caress them as his tongue sucked and played lightly with her nipples. As he continued to kiss and enjoy her breasts, one hand trailed along her soft flesh until it reached the waist band of her jeans. With only two fingers he managed to unsnap them and lower her zipper. He dropped to his knees kissing and licking along her stomach while both hands worked to free her from her jeans. She tangled her hands in his hair enjoying the softness of it under her fingertips, wondering how she managed to get so lucky to have this amazing man give her his undivided attention.

She stepped out of her jeans and sighed as his hands caressed from her knees up her inner thighs until he nearly touched the wetness between her legs. He stood up and attacked her mouth in frantic kisses, pulling her nearly naked body against him. She could feel his arousal through his jeans and she longed to touch him. She wanted to feel the muscles of his chest against her breasts. She started working on the buttons of his flannel shirt, revealing him one button at a time, eager to slip her hands underneath and touch the warmth of his skin.

Cole lifted her up wrapping her legs around his waist and pulling her against him as she finished the last buttons. He squeezed and massaged her behind and then planted her on the edge of the counter, forcing her legs further apart so that he could press his bare chest against hers as he continued to devour her in kisses. His arms circled her and pulled her close to him. She inhaled his scent and eagerly opened her mouth to invite his tongue to entwine with hers while she fumbled with his belt and opened his jeans. He rubbed his body so close to hers that she could barely get her hand between them but she was still determined to touch him.

“Oh god,” he whispered against her shoulder, biting lightly and giving her just enough space to free his erection from the confines of his jeans. He moaned as she gently stroked his length. Out of breath, she continued to play with him. She ached with the anticipation of having him inside her. She let go of him only long enough to push his jeans and briefs over his hips. He helped get them the rest of the way off, discarding them somewhere with hers. As soon as he returned to her, she reached to touch him again but he grabbed her wrists to stop her.

“I need you to be inside you,” he said practically growling.

He lifted her off the counter, once again allowing her to wrap her legs around him, this time with the amazing sensation of his hard length teasing the outside of her panties. He took her to the bedroom, dropped her onto the bed, and yanked down her panties.

Putting one hand on each thigh, he slowly moved his hands to the back of her knees and spread her legs open to him. She put her arms up over her head and arched her back as he positioned himself between her open legs. He let go of her legs and took her breasts in his hands again, obviously enjoying the feel of them.

“Please, Cole,” she pleaded, “I can’t wait any longer.”


Want to read more? You can find Claim my Desire on Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada … and worldwide. Happy Reading and Have a Very Steamy Valentines Day! 😉


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