Writing Process Blog Tour

nakedbookFirst and foremost, I would like to say thank you to John Satisfy for inviting me to participate in the Writing Process Blog Tour! I’m highly honored to be included and I suggest that everyone check out John’s blog and books if you want an extra special treat.

In the meantime, I get to answer four questions regarding my own writing process.

1. What am I currently working on?

There is always something! If I can promise you one thing, it’s the fact that I have many documents on my computer with stories I’ve started and never finished. Eventually, when the mood strikes, I go back and pick up one I’d forgotten and I add a little more. I just finished a novelette that I hoped would become the first in a series of stories about a newly divorced mom who finds a lot more than she bargained for when she starts fresh with her son in a new town. This story is still very much in the rough draft stage as I begin my first round of edits.  In the meantime, I’ve already begun work on something else entirely and if I had any idea myself what it’s about yet, I’d tell you, but I’m still trying to figure that out.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

This is a tough question for me. I wanted to say that I write about very sexual situations in a sensual way. I don’t typically use graphic language to paint the picture but I felt like I still got the point across pretty well. Recently, however, it has come to my attention that this isn’t actually a good thing so oops… let’s not go there, shall we? Can I at least say that although my stories are typically shorter in word count than the average novel, I still manage to offer my readers a full story with a conflict that is resolved by the end. Nothing irks me more than settling down with the anticipation of reading a really good steamy story only to find out that the author cuts off the story unexpectedly before it reaches a satisfying conclusion with the expectation that I will rush to Amazon to buy the next installment. Ummmm… nope. I prefer to give you everything no matter how many words it takes to get it all out. Even in my series, each story will be read as a standalone with no requirement of my reader to purchase others.

3. Why do I write what I do?

I didn’t start with erotic fiction. I’ve always said I wanted to write the ultimate ghost story because I love the paranormal. The problem was that every time I sat down to write, my characters refused to behave and I enjoyed their antics a bit too much. Next thing I knew, I’d written a completely different story than the one I’d intended to tell. Eventually I got tired of trying to keep the clothes on and just let my characters run wild. I enjoy exploring my own fantasies when I write and I never seem to run out of new scenarios or ideas.

Ultimately, I’m writing what I write because it makes me happy.

4. How does my writing process work?

Wait a minute… it’s supposed to work? Oh, well, in that case, it explains a lot.

I’ve often joked that if I were a carpenter that tried to build a house the same way I approach writing, I would probably start with the roof and work my way down, tearing down walls and rebuilding them obsessively along the way. I never seem to take the easy or logical route but somehow, I manage to find my way in the end. I’m exhausted and wondering why I do this to myself by the end… but yeah, I guess it kind of, sort of works.


Next, I have the pleasure of nominating two wonderful authors to share with us a little about their writing processes: Rayanna Jamison and Andie Devaux

Visit Rayanna’s and Andie’s blogs to learn more about these steamy authors and find links to their books. And don’t forget to catch them on the Writing Process Blog Tour on April 7th!



Erotic Fantasies Blog Hop

eroticfantasiescoverStep into the pages of several short stories that are sure to whet your appetite and stir your imagination. All things are possible within the dark corners of our mind where fantasies take shape just for our own entertainment. Eleven different stories will take your mind on an erotic journey and arouse your deepest desires. Your body and mind will tingle with delight and your toes will curl as you find that you lose yourself in every story.


The new Erotic Fantasies Anthology features eleven erotic fiction stories by eleven awesome authors. There is truly something for everyone in this book and the best part about it is the fact that we’re offering it FREE!

I hope that you will download your copy and let me know what you think about my story titled Dare about a young woman who finds her own erotic fantasies come true when she plays the game Truth or Dare at a friend’s party. Here is a snippet to pique your interest…

Luke knelt down in front of Amy and pulled her head to his.
“I have been hoping to do this since the moment I walked in the door.”
Before she could respond, he pressed his mouth to hers and kissed with an urgency that she couldn’t remember ever feeling before. The world around her disappeared as she gave in to his kiss.
It’s only sex she reminded herself when she opened her eyes to the gaping stares in the room around her. No one had actually expected her to go through with it but she would prove them all wrong. Amy pulled his head back to hers so that she could feel his lips on her again. She tempted a taste and savored the sensation as his tongue explored her own. Despite herself, she moaned. It had been a long time since she’d experienced a man’s hands on her body. This wasn’t the way she’d imagined it but somehow it exceeded her wildest fantasies. She wasn’t sure if she’d be able to handle him actually touching her. She was already so aroused.
His hand moved from the back of her head, slid down her neck, and over her breast. She pressed herself forward to his eager hand as he massaged her gently through the fabric of her silky dress and she sighed.



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Flash Fiction – The Arrest


Allison sucked in her breath as the flashing blue lights filled her car. Feeling the anxiety swarm inside her, she nudged the car onto the side of the dirt road she’d been traveling and turned off the engine. She checked her reflection in the rearview mirror one last time to make sure that everything was perfect and waited.

The officer cleared his throat to get her attention. She looked up at him shyly and tried to force a smile.

“License and registration, please.”

She handed it to him and in a shaking voice she asked, “Was I speeding, Officer?”

He gave her a dark smile and her insides went to mush. He wasn’t supposed to smile, damn it. He knew the effect it had on her and she didn’t want to spoil the mood.

“Could you step out of the vehicle please, M’am?”

She opened the car door and carefully stepped out keeping her eyes on his as he took in the sight of her long legs in black thigh high stockings and short skirt. She heard him suck in his breath, trying to maintain a calm demeanor as she stood before him and waited further instructions.

“What seems to be the problem, Officer?”

“Ms. Stephens, I’m going to need you to put your hands on the hood of the car where I can see them.”

She complied with his orders feeling the tingling between her legs as she did. He’d never spoken to her like this before and it took her off guard how quickly she responded. He hadn’t even touched her. Yet.

“Do you have any weapons on you?”

“No, of course not, Officer,” she said. Her voice broke, betraying the emotions she held back.

“I’m going to have to do a search. Will you spread your legs apart for me, please?”

“Yes, Officer.”

The way her skirt clung tightly around her thighs made it difficult for her to open her legs very far. Ignoring this fact, he began slowly from her left ankle and smoothed his large, warm hands up the contours of her calf, stroking the back of her knee gently as he inched his way to her thigh and brushed the hem of her thigh high. She moaned softly. His hands were so large that he could practically circle her entire leg with one hand. He stopped at her inner thigh and then repeated the motion up her right leg making her squirm in eagerness for him. It drove her to madness that once again he stopped just below her sex. She was aching for him to touch her there.

“No fast moves, Ms. Stephens,” he said chuckling slightly. No doubt he could feel the desire radiating off her with each smooth touch of her skin.

He moved to her arms, even though she couldn’t possibly be concealing anything under her light, short-sleeve blouse, he still ran his hands up the length of her arms to her shoulder. She arched her back as he continued down her back and then back up to her breasts. He held their weight in both of his hands, leaning over her slightly so that she could feel the outline of his arousal through his pants. Oh god, how she wanted him. The anticipation was killing her.

“You’re definitely under arrest, Ms. Stephens,” he whispered against her ear. He brushed his lips against her neck and then suddenly, he was standing away from her leaving her with the burning longing to be close.

She tried to glance behind her but with the palm of his hand, he pinned her down against the hood of her car. The sudden force caught her off guard and she panted breathless as her hair fell down around her face. He yanked each of her arms behind her back and slapped on the handcuffs in a single click.

Her sex instantly responded and her breath caught.

The officer’s hands moved down her legs again but he was significantly less gentle. With rough handling, he tugged the skirt up over her hips exposing her black lace panties to anyone that might happen by. He stepped inward using his leg to nudge her legs apart as he leaned in to work his way up the front of her silk blouse, exposing her chest to the cold metal of the car one button at a time from bottom to top. He pulled her blouse away as much as the handcuffs would allow and unhooked the matching black lace bra. Instantly, his hands were on her breasts again, kneading and pinching her nipples while he kissed the back of her neck and her ear.

“Ms. Stephens,” he said, his voice hoarse with lust, “You’ve been a very naughty girl.”

“Yes, Officer.”

“There is quite a large fine for naughty girls, you know.”

“Of course, Officer. Very large.”

She felt his hands on her backside and she squirmed a little under the weight of them pushing down against her, pretending to deny him her punishment.

“No exceptions.”

There was little she could do with her hands securely fastened behind her so she waited as he pulled down her panties, deliberately taking his time as he exposed her to the world.

“What if a car goes by, Officer?”

“They will get quite a view then, won’t they, Ms. Stephens?”

“Yes, Officer.”

“If you resist arrest, you’ll only make it harder on yourself,” he warned as she struggled a little underneath him.

She heard the sound of his zipper as he tugged free.

“Here, Officer?” she moaned in desperation.

“Oh yes.”

Without hesitation, he was inside her and she had no choice but to take all of him, pressing back against him as her juices ran the length of her thigh.

Sex with Damien was good but this was taking it to new heights.

If his moans and sighs were anything to go by, he was enjoying it just as much. He continued to press into her, pulling out slightly and pressing in deeper still as he massaged her breasts. She moaned into the hood of her car as the first hints of orgasm began to build inside her threatening to take her over the edge too quickly.

In and out, he continued to plunder her until finally she felt him thicken and release into her with a jolt. She shuddered and let her own orgasm overwhelm her senses, no longer caring who happened to see them. He collapsed over her on the hood of her car, his breaths ragged in her ear.

“I’m going to let you go with a warning this time,” he whispered into her ear, “but next time you won’t get away so lucky.”

“Next time…” She let her thoughts trail off as he moved away and replaced his pants. He helped her to her stand and fished out the key to the handcuffs but hesitated before unlocking her.

“Maybe I’ll bring these home with me tonight.” He flashed another of those devilish smiles that made her insides melt.

“Yes, Officer. I agree you should.”

Available Now! #EroticFantasies – An Anthology of Erotic Stories

eroticfantasiescoverIt’s here! It’s here!


Step into the pages of several short stories that are sure to whet your appetite and stir your imagination. All things are possible within the dark corners of our mind where fantasies take shape just for our own entertainment. Eleven different stories will take your mind on an erotic journey and arouse your deepest desires. Your body and mind will tingle with delight and your toes will curl as you find that you lose yourself in every story. The authors hope you enjoy their stories and visit their websites where you can learn about the rest of their books.


I am so exited to be included on a list of such talented authors. Many of these authors I have been following for quite some time and I greatly respect and admire the work they have done so when I was asked if I would like to contribute to an anthology, I could hardly say no.

Happy Release Day, Erotic Fantasies! Congratulations to my fellow authors for such an awesome achievement.

The best part? We’re offering this special ebook for absolutely FREE! Eleven tempting stories from eleven authors – all for no cost. What could be better? Now you have no excuse not to hurry and download your copy in the format of your choice and start reading today. (And hey, let me know what you think about my contribution “Dare” once you’ve finished.)

Psst… pass along the good news to your friends while you’re at it. 😉



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Lacy’s Seduction

lacysseductioncoverIt’s about time that I share another snippet from my latest novelette, Lacy’s Seduction. As always, I hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

The blurb:

Lacy Abbott’s clothes clung to her body in the brutal late afternoon heat. It was the summer before her freshman year in college and she was hot, horny, and bored. Her boyfriend wasn’t interested in taking their relationship to the next level so she resorted to masturbation to release her frustrations. What she hadn’t realized was that the new neighbor was watching and he had plans for her beautiful body. Despite their age difference, Charlie fully intended to make her his own.

The snippet:

She dragged the lounge chair into the middle of the yard where she would get the best sun and settled in concentrating on the music as she let her thoughts drift. She imagined a pair of strong hands belonging to a gorgeous college boy roaming up and down her thighs and across her breasts. Between the sun and her steamy thoughts, she was close to racing upstairs to relieve some of her frustration. She could feel the growing dampness between her legs and wondered if she should shave down there before the party, a thought which turned her on even more just by the sheer naughtiness of it.

The hand on her shoulder made her jump. She opened her eyes while simultaneously pulling out her ear buds and looked up in horror at the face of someone that she felt like she should know but she couldn’t quite place.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” He was holding grocery bags and wearing a large friendly smile. His brown hair was just long enough that it almost covered his large brown eyes.

“It’s alright,” she said weakly. She looked back toward her house and realized that she’d left her cell phone in her bedroom. She looked back at the man. He didn’t look dangerous but something about him unnerved her. He put down the bags he was holding and held out his right hand to shake.

“My name is Charlie Delaney. I’m your new neighbor.”

She shook his hand and gasped slightly. His grip was firm and confident and she felt a jolt of electricity pass between them which seemed to hit her directly at her core.

“Oh! Hi, Mr. Delaney. I’m Lacy Abbott. I live here with my dad, George.”

“I know.” He flashed her another smile and there was something devilish about the way he grinned at her. It was that moment that it occurred to her that he had been the one watching her from the window. She felt her face flush in embarrassment.

“I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself since I saw you out here.”

She didn’t miss the flash of lust in his eyes as his eyes quickly scanned her bikini clad body. He licked his lips and she felt another jolt of moisture between her legs. She felt like she had to focus to keep her breathing restrained. She was being absurd, she thought. He was at least thirty-some years old and married. He wouldn’t be interested in her.

“It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Delaney.”

“Please call me Charlie.”


An awkward pause passed between them. He lingered there too long watching her and it was making her feel uncomfortable. She didn’t know what to say and was about to make an excuse to go inside and find something to do when he interrupted her train of thought.

“It’s really hot out here. I just made some iced tea before I went to the store. Would you like a glass?”

She should have said no. She should have made her excuses and disappeared into the safety of her house but there was something about him so compelling that her body was silently screaming for her to say yes. Feeling as though she were floating outside herself, she smiled and nodded.

“That would be lovely, thank you.”

What was she thinking? She set the iPod on the table next to her lounge chair as she stood up and offered to help carry his groceries inside. Charlie unlocked the back door and held it open for her.

His house was very much in the process of being decorated and furnished. Unpacked boxes lined the rooms, some of them open and the contents scattered around. Lacy followed him to the kitchen aware that her heart was beating so fast. She set the bag on the counter and watched him pull out two glasses from a nearly empty cupboard and fill them with fresh iced tea.

After the time she’d spent in the sun, the drink was very welcome and she drank quickly. She was well aware that as she tipped her head back to enjoy the coolness in her throat, his gaze moved along her body. She felt her nipples harden, straining the thin fabric of her bikini top and wished that she would have had the sense to bring a towel or a wrap so she didn’t feel so exposed. His eyes held a hunger that she wasn’t accustomed to seeing and she involuntarily shuddered.

“Are you cold?”

“I must have drunk too quickly,” she said forcing a smile and wrapping her arms around her to hide her aroused nipples.

Charlie put down his drink and took a step closer to her rubbing the sides of her arms lightly to help warm her, which did nothing for the ache in her breasts that longed to feel those firm hands on them, or the ache at her core that begged to be touched. She knew that she should step away and put distance between them but she was frozen, still in disbelief that he would find her attractive. She bit her lip as she looked up into his eyes wondering what he was thinking.

“How old are you, Lacy?” he asked in a slightly hoarse voice. Was it desire that she heard?

“I’ll be nineteen in September. I’m starting my freshman year at college.”

“That’s exciting,” he said taking another step closer and brushing her hair away from her face. She felt as though she couldn’t breath and the world stopped turning as he leaned down to brush his lips against her ear. “I like the show you put on for me.”

“What?” her voice betrayed her. She tried to step away from him but he slipped his arms around her waist and pulled her tight against him. The outline of his erection was unmistakable in his pants against the thin fabric of her bikini bottoms.

“Did you like doing that for me?” he whispered. He let his hands slide down to her behind and pulled her tight against him as he moved his hips ever so slightly against her. Her legs felt weak, overcome with arousal and desire, and she couldn’t think straight.

“Yes,” she said barely loud enough for him to hear.

“You have a beautiful body.”

She opened her mouth to say something but he crushed his lips against hers, sliding his tongue inside, overwhelming her senses. She gave in to him and wrapped her arms around his neck to savor the moment even though a part of her screamed that it was so wrong. His fingers traced the crack of her behind and stopped at the wetness of her sex, massaging her lightly through her swimsuit and making her squirm against his fingers.

“I can feel how much you like it,” he said as he broke the kiss.

He took her hand in his and led her to the front of his jeans where his erection begged to be free from the constraints of the fabric.

“Do you feel how hard you make me?”

All she could do was nod, shyly stroking the outline of his hardness through his jeans. She felt him twitch underneath her touch.

“When I watch you touch yourself, I can’t help touching myself,” he said softly not letting go of her hand, holding it close against his crouch and watching the flicker of desire wrestle with uncertainty in her eyes.

“Mr. Delaney… I … I should go home before my friend gets here.”

He held her for a moment more and she started to wonder if he would let her walk out of his house. She wasn’t sure that she wanted him to let her go. She wasn’t sure if she wanted him to yank off her bikini bottoms and have his way with her. The look in his eyes told her that he craved being inside her.

“Call me Charlie,” he repeated.

“Okay. Charlie… I have to…”

He pulled her close again and kissed her and she felt him smile as her body willingly melted against him. He let go of her hand and used both of his hands to hold her face as he kissed her more passionately than she’d ever been kissed before.

“Will you leave the curtains open for me tonight?” he said as he let her go. She felt flushed and confused.

“Yes,” she heard a voice tell him and she knew that somehow it belonged to her.


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