Flash Fiction – The Kiss

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He gently traced her arms with the tips of his fingers. Her skin was silky soft. She trembled slightly as he secured the blindfold in place.
“Are you cold?”
“No, I’m fine,” she whispered.
He smiled, although she wouldn’t know it now that she was properly secured. He parted her knees and lowered his head inhaling the musky scent of arousal that permeated the air around them. His need for her pulsated but he didn’t dare rush. He intended to savor every moment.
“What are you doing?”
Her voice was laced in nervousness. He wanted to touch the moistness that he was certain had already dampened her lace panties. Even more, he wanted to taste her, drink her down, every drop that she had to offer. He hesitated. He didn’t want to scare her away.
“I’m admiring you.”
She’d never looked more beautiful in that moment of vulnerability. He ached to be inside her wrapped in the soft silkiness of her desire.
“Will you kiss me already?” Then softly she added, “Please.”
He stared at her lips as she licked to moisten them and he felt his groin stiffen in response. How could she be so blissfully unaware of the animalistic hold that she had over him? He longed to pin her underneath his body and ravage her, fucking her until neither of them could simply walk away.
“Mike? What are you waiting for?”
He didn’t want just a kiss. He wanted it all. He wanted to possess her body and make her come until she couldn’t take anymore.
“Laura… I…..”
“Do it before they think there is something going on between us.”
He swallowed his lust and carnal urge as he moved closer, lowering his face to hers and closing his eyes. He inhaled. And then finally, he sealed his lips over hers and reveled in the warmth of her body against his.
She could choose to turn blind to truth but the kiss would tell him everything he needed to know.
She melted just slightly against his chest and he became hyper aware of the beating of her heart against his and the silky strands of her hair under his fingers. She sighed softly, parting her lips to test her tongue against his and he accepted her willingly. In that moment, time stopped and the world around them disappeared.
She wanted him, too. He could feel it.
He deepened the kiss. The throbbing in his groin grew more insistent against his zipper and he gently took her hand and guided it to the heat of his jeans. She gasped lightly and he felt her start to pull away. No, the moment couldn’t end so soon.
A hand on her thigh, soft and supple, her legs yielding to his grasp. She hadn’t rejected him and it was all the encouragement that he needed to press forward, inching closer to the space he longed to claim. So close. Heat radiated from her core and she moaned softly.
“Mike!” she said with a breathless gasp.
The spell was broken. He looked longingly at her swollen red lips and wished that he could taste her again but he knew even without trying that any further attempts would be dismissed.
“I thought you wanted…”
“Mike, please, we should get back to the party.”
“It was only a kiss.”
She reached behind her head and untied the blindfold. When their eyes met, he saw something there, some change within, but he couldn’t quite place what it was.
“You’re right. Of course.”
He followed her out of the room, adjusting himself as he dd to hide his state of arousal. He slumped into the couch never letting his eyes leave her even though a little part of him died every time he watched her kiss her boyfriend.
All in time, he thought.
Laura spun the bottle to choose her next victim.



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Play Date, A Tempting Tidbit

PlayDate coverI’m very excited to introduce my latest novelette, Play Date, and share a little snippet with you. Play Date is the first story in a new series titled The Litchville Mother’s Group Series.

If you’re a mom, you know that there isn’t anything particularly sexy about changing diapers or helping with homework and probably if you’ve ever been invited to attend a mother’s group, you didn’t automatically reach for the nearest vibrator.

Things work a little differently in Litchvile, however.

Beth is recently divorced, new to town, and looking for a fresh start with a new job. Taking a job as a research assistant, she chooses an apartment close to campus that is occupied by mostly graduate students. Having just escaped a loveless marriage, sex is the farthest from her mind.

But single mother or not, Beth is still a woman with needs. She’ll find more than she bargained for when she accepts an invitation by her new friend Crystal to the Litchville mother’s group meeting but will she accept the benefits that their friendship offers?

Even if she isn’t ready to take part in a group situation, she certainly can’t deny a magnetic attraction to Crystal. No matter how she tries to talk herself out of it, she’s still desperate to experiment with kissing her and feeling her soft body under her fingertips.

And if that weren’t quite enough to rev Beth’s engine, it turns out that her gorgeous and sexy neighbor Jack is interested in her for more than just a cup of sugar. She resists getting involved with a man who is probably a decade younger but that doesn’t mean that she’s against a little no-strings fun in the meantime.

Where will it all lead?


Beth was left standing in the doorway looking at Crystal and reliving the way the woman had kissed her only moments ago. She wondered if Crystal was thinking about it too. There was a hungry look in her eyes as she assessed Beth but clearly, whatever her thoughts may be, she was not about to push Beth again. She motioned for her to take a seat in the living room with Cynthia and Mary again, which she did feeling embarrassed about the scene she’d made.
Andrea and Kelly walked in the room just as Beth tried to settle back into her seat and pretend like everything was normal. She felt her face flush when she looked at the two blondes, despite her efforts to act casual. It was obvious by their disheveled appearance that they’d gone far beyond kissing once finding their way to a bedroom.
“You two look like you’re having a good time,” Cynthia said. Mary giggled and looked nervously toward Beth, probably expecting her to try to dart for the door again.
Kelly slung an arm around Andrea’s shoulder and kissed the other woman on the cheek.
“This, my friends,” Kelly said, “Makes it all worthwhile.”
The two settled onto the floor with Kelly behind Andrea, still massaging and caressing her shoulders. Beth tried her best not to openly stare even when Kelly planted small kisses along Andrea’s neck while Andrea bent to offer her friend better access.
“So, tell us something about yourself, new girl,” Andrea said.
“Oh… um… Well, my name is Beth. I’m recently divorced and just moved to Litchville with my son Max. I was offered a position as a research assistant that I couldn’t pass up. I was hoping that a fresh start in a new town would be good for both of us.”
“You certainly came to the right place,” Kelly said.
Beth bit her tongue.
“Beth isn’t sure that she likes our little group,” Cynthia said with a snort.
Amber and Kelly both looked shocked. Beth shifted under the weight of their stares. It wasn’t normal to do the sort of things these women did in their free time but yet somehow they made her feel like the oddball.
“Obviously, you haven’t given us a fair try.”
“Never mind that, ladies,” Crystal said trying to break the tension, “We have a lot to catch up. Who wants to start?”
Cynthia was quick to raise her hand and spent the next five minutes griping about work and her unforgiving boss. Beth tried to listen but her attention kept going back to Andrea and Kelly. Kelly’s hands had worked their way under Andrea’s shirt while Andrea leaned her head back and helped to guide the woman’s hands over her breasts. No one else in the room was phased by the behavior of the pair.
“Well, you remember last meeting when I told you about my coworker hitting on me?” Mary chimed in.
The other women all nodded and said yes, eager to hear more of Mary’s story rather than listen to anymore of Cynthia’s rant.
“I finally gave in. Turns out he’s not half bad. Neither is his wife.”
“Oh, you naughty girl, you,” Crystal said.
“You’re just jealous.”
“You bet I am. He is quite a hottie.”
“He lives up to my high expectations in the bedroom as well.”
“So, does that mean you’ll be breaking your no sex with coworkers rule more often?”
“Well, I don’t know about that,” Mary said leaning back to stretch, “but I certainly won’t say no to the occasional romp with my new friend.”
“You keep this up and you won’t need us anymore,” Cynthia said with a sour expression on her face.
“Oh, you know that isn’t true, my love. I’ll always have a space in my heart for you. You have skills that can’t compare.”
“Speaking of skills,” Cynthia said, “I’m in dire need at the moment. After the week I’ve had…”


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