Surrender, Erotica with a Paranormal Twist

surrender coverWhen I originally wrote Surrender, I walked away from the keyboard shaking my head and thinking that I could never actually publish it. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the story because truthfully, I loved it. I felt as though, as far as erotica is concerned, it’s one of the best I’ve written, and while it may be short, it certainly packs a punch.

The problem, I felt, was the fact that it was so much darker than the lighter ‘Alisa’ stories that I share and it’s the first time that I combine my love of paranormal with my love of …. well, sex. I let the story sit for a while as I tried to come up with ways that I could change it but the longer it sat, the more I simply grew to love the story I’d written.

Instead, I created a brand new pen name and went about the time consuming business of opening a new Twitter and Facebook account for her. Then I published this as a debut story titled Desperate Desires under the pen name. I had a couple of sales but literally, only a couple. I did a free promotion and even still, the story didn’t take off as I’d hoped it would. I do know that to be successful, I would have had to keep going and build up a library of stories to offer potential readers and since I believe Rachel and Devon’s story will continue, it shouldn’t have been hard to imagine.

But ultimately, I came to the conclusion that it’s exhausting to try to keep up with two separate pen names and all the social media that goes into putting both in the public eye, so Desperate Desires slipped deeper into the corners of oblivion. This made me sad. Remember, I love this story.

So, deep breath, here we are. I have deleted the pen name and all her social media accounts and blog. I made a few minor changes to the story (but resisted the urge to tone it down too much), and I changed the title to one that I like better. Today, I am proud to announce that the story is now proudly amongst my collection and I’m bracing myself for any feedback I may receive.  I’m happy to share a snippet of it here.


The blurb:

Some creatures stalk the night in search of prey to satiate blood thirst needs. Others, equally dangerous, stalk the night in search of carnal pleasures to ensure survival. Rachel Morina had been roaming the earth as a succubus for more years than she cared to remember and somehow she never tired of the perks of the job – including gorgeous men who fell down around her, willing to satisfy her every need. Her mood and her appetite constantly evolved but her primal need for sex never faltered. But no life is perfect and Rachel knew this all too well. While she could have any man she wanted, there were always dangers that potentially lurked around every corner and as a result, she could never stay in one place too long and she could never have the same man more than once. Above all else, she could never know love.

When she meets Devon, she knows there is something unusual about him but will she surrender to the power he holds over her?


The snippet:

Some creatures stalk the night in search of prey to satiate blood thirst needs. Others, equally dangerous, stalk the night in search of carnal pleasures to ensure survival. Rachel Morina had been roaming the earth as a succubus for more years than she cared to remember and somehow she never tired of the perks of the job – including gorgeous men willing to satisfy her every need. Her mood and her appetite constantly evolved but her primal need for sex never faltered. But no life is perfect and Rachel knew this all too well. While she could have any man she wanted, there were always dangers that potentially lurked around every corner and as a result, she could never stay in one place too long and she could never have the same man more than once no matter how well-endowed or particularly talented he may be. Above all else, she could never know love.
Keeping her eye on the stranger across the room, Rachel took a long sip from her drink to steady her nerves. She was starving and he was just the fix she needed. She set down the drink and licked her lips, catching his attention as she did. She could tell by the way he stared at her that he was sizing her up. He would be attracted to her, they all were. Standing at just under six feet with a lean muscular body, she intimated some men, but not the ones that mattered. The latter reveled in her curves and her confidence and didn’t mind taking the time to make sure her desires were fulfilled.
She smiled in his direction and he smiled back at her. Yes, she would gladly feast on him for the evening. There was little doubt of it now. It was only a matter of planning the details. How exactly would she use this man to satisfy her needs?
Reaching down to adjust her black stockings, she could feel his presence without looking up. This one was particularly handsome with rugged good looks and large broad shoulders that she couldn’t wait to massage. She stood up and glanced up at him, batting her eyelashes shyly as she did.
“Hi,” he said. Simple and to the point. She liked a man that didn’t feel the need to use more words than necessary.
“Hi,” she said. She cocked her head to one side as she took in every detail about him. He didn’t flinch as her eyes roamed his body from head to foot. He had dark hair that hung down over his face to partially hide even darker eyes. This was a man with secrets, dark and devilish secrets.
“Can I buy you a drink?”
“Actually, I was just leaving.”
“Come on, just one drink? I wouldn’t mind the chance to get to know you a little.”
“I’m Rachel,” she said extending a hand. He took it eagerly, bringing it to his lips and kissing softly. She felt the warmth travel from her hand to between her legs.
“It’s lovely to meet you, Devon.”
“The pleasure is all mine. So, about that drink?”
“I’ll have whiskey,” she said.
“That’s quite a strong drink for such a lovely lady.”
“I’m a strong lady.”
Devon motioned for the bartender and ordered two whiskeys. Once he’d paid for the drinks, they chose a quiet table in a dark corner.
“You here all by yourself?” he asked her as they settled into the booth seat.
Rachel picked up the drink and finished it in one sip. He gave her an appreciative nod and then did the same.
“Not anymore,” she said meeting his gaze. He licked his lips and slid closer to her, bending his head to inhale the scent of her hair. She watched their reflection in a mirror opposite and knew that there was something different about this one but she couldn’t quite put her finger on what.
“You’re a beautiful woman,” he told her, “And I am a very lucky man.”
“Yes, you are.”
She felt his large warm hand on her thigh as he moved so close that there was not even an inch between them. The table sheltered his hand from view of the other patrons at the bar. He could easily slip underneath her dress and do all manner of naughty things and no one would be the wiser. She sighed and uncrossed her legs, opening them just slightly in invitation.
Devon squeezed her thigh gently and stroked from her knee to the hem of her dress, deliberately toying with the edge to drive her wild. She laid her hand over his to stop his flirtations.
“You don’t strike me as the shy type,” he said looking at her.
“And you don’t strike me as the type to play games.”
“I don’t.”
“Then I believe we have an understanding.”
He nodded slightly but didn’t move his hand. His fingers dipped to her inner thigh and she trembled at his touch, opening her legs just a little more in automatic response. He took advantage of the gap to slide his hand all the way up to the wetness between her legs. She wasn’t wearing any panties and she moaned as he cupped her sex in his hand and coaxed her to greater arousal.
“You’re so wet,” he whispered into her ear, “Perhaps we should take this conversation somewhere a bit more private.”
“What exactly do you plan on doing with me?”
“Anything I want.”
To accentuate his purpose, he used his index finger to trace her clitoris and spread her juices over it as he rubbed lightly. Her body felt as though it were on fire. She slid back and watched their reflection through half closed lids as he played with her. It was pure torture the way he touched her and as he manipulated her sex, she could feel her need growing. She was getting so close to release. Her cheeks flushed with the realization that she was about to come in the middle of a public place.
Suddenly, he took his hand away and she looked at him in shock.
“Let’s get out of here,” he said.
“Do you think I would really take a stranger home?”
“Yes, as a matter of fact, I think there isn’t much you wouldn’t do.”
She considered this for a moment.
“You may be right.”
“And it just so happens that there isn’t much I wouldn’t do either.”
“All the same…”
“Your pussy is soaked and aching for me. I know how to make you feel good. Really good.”
“I might hold you to that.”
As they stood up to leave, she deliberately brushed up along his body smoothing her hands over his chest as she walked past him, leading the way out the door. He was solid muscle under his button down dress shirt and she couldn’t wait to get him naked.
They walked in silence. He didn’t ask where they were going and she didn’t volunteer information. Being a large tourist town, he probably assumed that she was staying in one of the many local hotels. He was right, of course, but not for the reasons he expected. It was all part of her well executed plan, just like the tight fitting black cocktail dress that showed off her ample cleavage and firm stomach, and the black thigh high stockings and killer heels.


Rachel and Devon’s story has only just begun and I hope you will share their adventures. Follow the link…




Friday Freebies, #Free #Kindle Ebooks for Your Weekend Reading Pleasure

fridaythe13thWelcome to Friday! Are you superstitious? If so, you’re probably hiding under the sheets rather than up and celebrating the end of the work week. To me, Friday the 13th has always been a lucky day and Saturday the 14th is the day that I would rather hide away and pretend like the world doesn’t exist. It all started when I was only eleven years old and I managed to fall down the steps AND fall off my swing set both on the same day which just so happened to be a Saturday the 14th. Maybe Friday the 13th just takes a while to catch up to me because I’m always moving too quickly? (ha ha)

Whether you believe in luck or not, I know if you’re like me, you look forward to kicking back on the weekend and enjoying a good read. That’s why I’m dedicating Fridays on my blog to special ebook freebies. For the sake of my first post, I’m going to share a few of the intriguing reads that I’ve come across on Amazon because that is where I usually go to shop. (Love my kindle!) In the future, I’ll be open to freebies on other sites as well. Because I write in the genre of erotica and steamy romance, I’ll assume my readers are interested in books of this nature so I’ll concentrate my efforts there. However, I’m certainly open to great books of any genre and if I find something I like, I’ll be sure to share it.

The authors of these ebooks are not holding a gun to my head to promote them (they don’t even know they’re being featured) and since I haven’t yet read their work, I can’t guarantee they are good reads. (Perhaps we can revisit the better books in a later blog post? Want to submit a book report for an ebook I’ve listed and you read? Contact me!)

Ultimately,  I love books and I love to read them just as much as I love to write them so I’m using this space to share my passion. While I am happy to pick and choose my own random shares, I also welcome requests so if you are an author, be sure to let me know when you’re going to make your ebook available as a free promotion over a Friday and I will make sure I help to spread the word!

Without further ado, these are my five random selections with links to the Amazon US site for download. Happy Reading!

double dareDouble Dare by Rhonda Nelson, Romance/Humor

Runaway bride Louisa Honeycut is looking for a quick escape when she passes the Double Dare, Inc sign and the slogan “Are you ready for the time of your life?” seems like divine intervention. Sheltered by her overbearing father, Louisa has years of catching up to do and can think of no better person than gorgeous Sam Rawlins to show her. Is she ready for the time of her life? Hell, yes.

Ordinarily unflappable adventure guide Sam Rawlins makes his living showing the wealthy how to have fun, but nothing in his experience could have prepared him for the “adventure” Louisa Honeycut asks for. He might be showing Louisa the time of her life, but the quirky little snack-cake heiress is soon turning Sam’s own life upside down…and perversely, he likes the new vantage point.

(I’ve actually read Double Dare and recommend it as a fun, romantic read. )


dangerousloverThe Sheik’s Dangerous Lover by Elizabeth Lennox

Just like in the fairy tale, a lavish ball was being held to find Sheik Malik a bride. There was a darker side to this story though. The urgency was due to several assassination attempts and Malik had to marry quickly and produce an heir. The stability of his country depended on constancy and conservative leadership. He couldn’t allow his enemies to win.

But he wasn’t prepared for the silver clad goddess that caught his vision as she snuck down the servants’ hallway. Nor was he prepared for her resistance. In a room full of beautiful women, his interest was captured by a beauty that wanted nothing to do with him. Except that she caught on fire when he touched her and her soft, sensuous body inflamed him with need.

What was a man to do? Accept the challenge of convincing the lovely Shanelle to fall in love with him. Over a weekend of passionate kisses and stolen passion, Shanelle and Malik discovered that protecting the kingdom could be quite exhilarating.

delilahDelilah’s Diary #1: A Sexy Journey by Jasinda Wilder

I’ve always been a good girl. I grew up in a small town, dated my high school sweetheart all the way through college, and married him. I even waited until our wedding night for my first time. Yeah, that kind of good girl. Finding my husband in bed with the church secretary came as quite a shock, needless to say. Finding out he’d slept with just about every female in town was an even bigger shock.

Discovering those dirty little secrets is what sent me on a journey that I will never forget.



Consenting Adults by J. Lea Lopez

**BONUS** Includes three chapters from J. Lea López’s novel Sorry’s Not Enough.

This collection of five unrelated short stories looks at romantic relationships in various forms, from the tame to the erotic.


Oopendoorpen Door Invitation by Dee Carney

Every single woman knows at least a few basic safety rules. First, don’t talk the strangers. Second, don’t invite strangers into your home. Sometimes, however, a lonely woman gets comfortable and after darkness falls, lets those rules slide. But with the darkness, if one believes in such things, might come creatures of the night. Throw an open door invitation into the mix, and anything can happen…



Psst… pass it along and be sure to return next Friday for my latest list of hot freebies in time for the weekend…


Secret Confessions: In His Arms

In His Arms coverI’m very pleased to announce the first story in a new series of Secret Confessions.  In Your Arms is Kora and Zach’s very juicy tale of finding unexpected sexual fulfillment with a little help from a friend.

The Blurb:

Kora has a secret. She’s had an obsessive crush on her gorgeous roommate, Zach, from the first day they met. But while they’ve maintained a strong friendship, she’s never managed to turn his head from the stream of beautiful women who share his bed. When finally, she breaks up with her boring boyfriend at the end of the semester, she doesn’t have much hope for her love life and expects to settle for her fantasies of Zach.

But everything changes when Zach’s friend Evan is in town for a visit and comes up with a plan to get Kora right where they want her. That one night will change everything.

The Excerpt:

As long as I had known Zach, I’d never known him to actually socialize with other males. He just seemed more comfortable in the presence of women, both as friends and as lovers. So when a male voice said hello as I walked in the door, I jumped a little. The last thing I expected was to walk in the apartment to an unfamiliar man watching TV in the living room.
He was pretty good-looking though, I had to admit. He had short blond hair and the most striking blue eyes I’d ever seen. A girl could get lost in those eyes, I thought, and his body rivaled the physique of Zach. I wondered if maybe they’d met at the gym.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t realize Zach had company,” I said feeling suddenly out-of-place in my own home. If Zach had a guest then where the hell was Zach? Why was this stranger sitting in the middle of our living room unattended?
“You must be Kora,” he said stepping forward with his hand outstretched. I took it reluctantly, shaking in such a formal manner. What were those alarm bells ringing in my head? “I’ve heard so much about you,” he told me.
“Really?” Truly, I was dumbfounded. It couldn’t have been good things.
“Yes, he’s quite fond of you.”
“Where is Zach?”
“He stepped out for a minute but he’ll be right back. He told me to wait for you.”
“To wait for me? Why on earth would he do that?” Zach and I were going to have to have a little chat about proper guest etiquette this weekend.
“Our friend seems to think you haven’t been getting the attention that you require and deserve.”
“Look, I’m not sure what that’s supposed to mean but I’m exhausted and I don’t mean to be rude but I really just want to take a hot shower and crawl into bed right now… so if you’ll excuse me.”
“A shower sounds like a splendid idea. You’ll find a dress for the evening has already been laid out on the bed for you and dinner will be served at promptly seven.”
“Would you like company in the shower?”
“No! I can handle myself just fine. I don’t know who the hell you think you are but maybe you should leave. I’m not sure I like what’s going on here.”
“I’m so sorry. I didn’t even introduce myself. My name is Evan. Zach and I go way back.”
“Funny, I don’t remember him ever mentioning you before.”
“He’s like that sometimes. There are sides to him that he doesn’t always let other people see.”
I opened my mouth to say something but I was so confused that I simply closed my mouth again and conceded that at the very least, I needed that shower. Evan called out something about how much he looked forward to seeing me in the dress and I thought no way in hell.
The sounds of the door opening and muffled voices in the kitchen led me to believe that Zach was home. I grabbed my bathrobe off the hook and wrapped it tightly around my body as I stormed out of the bathroom to give him a piece of my mind. I was stopped short by the amazing smells coming from our kitchen. I was pretty sure that our kitchen had never smelled that way before.
“What is that?” I said as the rumbling in my belly betrayed my hunger. I couldn’t simply disappear behind closed doors with that smell lingering in the air around me. I had to eat some, whatever it was.
“Chicken cacciatore,” Zach said coming over to give me a quick hug, “and I can assure you that Evan makes the best you’ll ever taste.”
“Somehow I believe that.”
“Speaking of Evan, I understand you two have already met?”
“Yes, about that…”
“Good, good. Here, I’ve taken the liberty of pouring you a glass of wine. Why don’t you have a drink while you go get changed into the dress we picked out for you and then we can talk about everything else over dinner.”
“But Zach…” I pouted.
“I’m not taking no for an answer. Now go. Get dressed. Dinner will be on the table in just a few minutes.”
I took the wine but I gave him my best evil expression that I could muster under the circumstances and made my way to my bedroom. I had to admit it, the dress they’d picked out was quite pretty and I was already certain that it was going to fit perfectly and flatter in all the right places. It almost excused the fact that they had no business choosing my clothes behind my back in the first place. What on earth had gotten into Zach? He’d never done anything like this before and frankly, I was a bit unnerved by his sudden shower of attention. We’d been friends for a long time, sure, but not the kind of friends that went out of their way to spend a whole lot of time together. Most of what I knew about Zach, I only knew by watching his comings and goings while he went about his own life and I went about mine. This sudden convergence was simply … unnatural … and yet so painfully comforting at the same time. I wanted it so much and I supposed that was what scared me the most. Best not to make too many assumptions when it came to Zach though and I had a funny feeling that his intentions had something to do with setting me up with Evan. Evan was gorgeous but I already knew that he wasn’t my type. As long as Zach was in my life, I don’t think any guy could compare.
In the end, I wore the dress, no matter what consequences I might have for indulging the pair in this strange game they had decided to play. It was a simple but elegant black cocktail style dress. Because it had spaghetti straps, I opted to go without a bra rather than waste time searching for a strapless that I wasn’t even sure I owned. I chose my favorite black lace panties because, well, I am eternally optimistic, and paired it with black thigh high stockings that stopped just above the hem of the dress. If I stretched or bent in just the right way, it would be obvious to my companions what I was wearing by the hint of black lace peeking from under my dress. I wasn’t sure if Zach liked that sort of thing, or if he’d even look twice if it was on me, but those few sips of wine I’d taken while dressing myself were already making me far bolder than I’d ordinarily dare to be. Or maybe it was my sudden fuck-it attitude. I wasn’t entirely sure.
As a final preparation, I pinned my hair off my neck and added a bit of make-up. Admiring my reflection, I knew I was ready by the time I heard Zach call me for dinner.
They were both waiting for me when I came out of the bedroom and I was a little taken back by the way they seemed to size me up and openly stare at the way the dress hugged my body in all the right places. Zach almost blushed as his eyes met mine and I wanted to question again what the hell was going on tonight but I didn’t dare to break the mood. Evan held the chair for me while Zach lit candles on the table and refreshed my glass of wine which I’d already managed to empty. Stupid me, I should have known better than to drink a full glass on an empty stomach. I’d no doubt pay for that little blunder later.
“What’s all this about?” I asked as Evan dished up the chicken and Zach took his seat across the table from me.
“Evan was in town. I thought it might be nice to do something special.”
“You’re from out of town?” I asked directing my question to Evan who had sat down and now took a healthy drink of wine from his glass.
“Yes, I live in Colorado actually,” he said putting down his glass, “Zach and I grew up together, went to the same high school, used to be the best of buddies.”
I looked at Zach waiting for some confirmation of this and he simply nodded and smiled in Evan’s direction. A look passed between them, the sort of look that people who have known each other really well for a long time can share, and I believed that they did have a history but that there was still a lot to that history that they weren’t telling me. My curiosity compelled me but I didn’t want to be nosy so I kept my mouth shut for the time being and enjoyed the amazing dinner that Evan had prepared. Zach was right, I’d never tasted anything quite like it before.


Things get spicy when dessert is served. Here are the links to read more: