WIP Wednesday #1

WIPimage2Welcome to the first WIP It Wednesday! Each Wednesday, a great group of authors and I will share a little teaser from a current work-in-progress. Today I’m excited to introduce you to Sunday Girl, a story that I hope to make available by the end of July. Be sure to connect with me if you enjoy the excerpt and want to know when the story is available!

Sunday Girl is the story of a young woman named Mallory who has a friends-with-benefits relationship with gorgeous Brian. Just as Brian starts to see  Mallory as more than just sex, she meets his beautiful cousin Amber at a wedding and the sparks really fly. Mallory decides that maybe the reason she’s never found the perfect man is because the perfect man is really a woman! Now she must figure out a way to reconcile her new feelings and salvage her friendship with Brian as she pursues new found love with Amber.

Please note, since this is a work-in-progress, anything could change…


sunday girl coverShe drifted quickly to sleep, settling into a dream that seemed to pick up where her earlier attempts had left off except that this time, the hands trailing over her body made her tingle and fill with lust and desire. She tried to make out the features of the person bringing her this exceptional arousal but it was too dark so instead she closed her eyes and opened her body and her mind to the warm wet kisses along her thigh. She ached with need. She wriggled her hips trying to find contact with her lover and relief for the intense sensations coursing through her. Her lover parted her thighs and ran fingers feather light along the inside, parted the folds of Mallory’s sex, and began exploring the wetness until Mallory moaned, begging for more.
“Please,” Mallory sighed feeling all at once desperate and needy.
“Have I told you how much I like the scent of your body wash?” said a feminine voice. Mallory knew that voice but she couldn’t place it at first and then it hit her – it was Lily, the pretty blond nurse from work.
“Wait… what?” Mallory tried to pull away, to resist the young woman’s advances, so confused why she would be here now making Mallory’s body feel so alive.
“Shhhh… just relax.”
“No… Lily… I can’t…”
“It’s only a dream,” Lily promised before spreading Mallory open and simultaneously sucking and licking her clit as she inserted two fingers inside her opening.
Mallory moaned and clutched the sheets. One touch and she was already so close to orgasm. Lily’s soft lips planted kisses along her mound before returning to her true focus. She pushed her tongue inside, imitation the motions of sex until Mallory wanted to scream out.
“Oh god, don’t stop…” she panted, eyes open and her forehead glistening with sweat. But wasn’t it a dream?
Mallory gasped and tried to sit up.
“Oh god,” she whispered, laying back and giving in to the magical feelings between her legs. When she finally gave in to release, her body shuddered and collapsed and she lay breathless against her sweat-soaked sheets.
“Lily…” she whispered into the darkness.
“Who is Lily?”
“Oh! Brian!” she bolted upright, reaching for the sheet to cover her body while she searched for his face in the night. “I didn’t think you were coming.”
“Who is Lily?” he repeated.


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6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday #1

  1. Now that’s the kind of dream I like. Why are mine always about missing deadlines?
    I wonder if Brian is going to end up miserable or very happy indeed with Mallory’s new discoveries about herself. Could go both ways…like her.

  2. Was that a deliberate double entrendre at the end? “…I didn’t know you were coming.” Either way, nice.

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