Friday Fiesta Author Feature – Jinni James

JinniJamesWelcome to the very first Friday Fiesta on the blog! Today my author feature is the very lovely Jinni James who is currently promoting her new anthology Confessions of a Sex Addict.

About Jinni:

Jinni James lives in her beloved state of Alabama with her amazing husband, her two precious girls, and her awesome stepdaughter along with her lazy cat and her hyperactive dog. She works during the day as an administrative assistant with her characters talking in her ear all day as she answers phones, works on spreadsheets, and files. As soon as the day winds down Jinni goes home to her family, gets everyone settled, then finally sits at her keyboard and aspires to becoming the author that lives in her head.
Jinni has two books in her Immortal Shifters series, Shifting Hearts and Immortally Torn. Secret Cravings Publishing just published her novel Business and Pleasure. She also has a short series, Erotic Encounters that is out now as well. All of her books can be found on Amazon and other online retailers.


So, Jinni, time to put on the sombrero and let us know a little about you!

What inspired you to write your first book?

I first decided to give writing a try three years ago after my divorce. I had a story brewing in my head for a long time and it was only after the much needed divorce that the creative juices started flowing. You can say that my divorce inspired my first book, Shifting Hearts.

Do you have any advice for other writers?

Don’t give up! Even when it looks like no one is reading your stories, even when you get a hundred rejections in a day, and even when you receive negative reviews. Never give up! I am no where near what I would like to be but I would feel lost without my writing. Write for yourself and others will love it as well.

What is the one food you would never give up?

Just one?! I could never ever give up pasta. I absolutely love it. I would eat pasta on a daily basis if I could.

As a kid, were you ever afraid of a monster under the bed or in a cupboard?

Oh yes. I was terrified of something living under my bed. So much so that I would check under the bed every night before getting in and I would never sleep with my arm or leg outside the covers. I was also scared of a snake being under my pillow so I would check that nightly as well. (Thanks Alfred Hitchcock)

Name one actor/actress you would love to get naughty with?

I know he’s married but Channing Tatum. He is my naughty little fantasy. That man is not only gorgeous but sweet and can shake his ass with the best of them.

Yum! 😉


confessionsI love the cover for Confessions of a Sex Addict so we definitely need to know more about what’s inside! Jinni has been kind enough to share the book blurb and an excerpt from her writing to help whet our appetites!

Secrets revealed.
One hot summer, four sultry stories.
An erotic anthology with a twist, set in contemporary New Orleans.

Meet Andi, the bartender from Nashville who won’t be faithful.
Drew, the seducer or the victim?
The anonymous one, the one who watches.
Jennifer the cougar, she’s a good girl, really.
The moderator, friend or predator?

Love. Magic. Guilty Pleasures.
What’s your secret?

An Excerpt from Midnight Secrets by Jinni James…

He scoots his chair closer. The metal scraping across the pavement causes a loud screech until I feel his knee press against mine. “Do any of them make your heart race the way it is right now?” My mouth feels full of cotton as I try to speak, but not a word comes out. I just nod my head back and forth. Adam brushes the wavy hair off my shoulder so that it falls behind me and gets so close to my neck that I can feel his breath against my ear lobe. “Do any of them cause the blood to boil in your veins like this?” I shake my head again. My breathing intensifies as his hand is placed carefully against my thigh. “Those other guys can’t do what I can do for you, Andi.” He whispers in my ear, “Let’s forget everything else for tonight and just be. Let’s get lost with each other. Let me show you the guilty pleasures you’ve only heard about.”
It doesn’t take much convincing. I was ready to leave the minute his hand touched me. The jolts of electricity I felt through my leg when his hand rested there caused me to soak my black panties within seconds. He places a small kiss to the base of my neck beneath my ear. “Come with me, Andi.” I don’t care if he means literally or sexually, but I’m on board.
I nod my head “yes” as I turn to meet his eyes with my own. “What are we waiting for?”
“Absolutely nothing.”


I don’t know about you, but I see some tasty weekend reading ahead of me… If you’re as intrigued as I am, be sure to click on the cover image to buy the book today or follow the links below. Then be sure to share this post with your friends!

Follow her BLOG and Connect with Jinni on GOODREADS, FACEBOOK and TWITTER. Learn more about her books on her AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE.

Last, but certainly not least, hop over to buy her new book HERE!

borderThank you, Jinni, for taking the time to visit the blog and be my very first Friday Fiesta Author Feature! I’ve enjoyed having you and hope you will return again soon. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to visit,  read, and enjoy the links that Jinni has provided. Just to make the deal that much sweeter, Jinni has agreed to donate a copy of two of her ebooks to our special Prize Pinata– Business and Pleasure and Shifting Hearts! To enter, all you have to do is comment on the post and share on the social media site of your choice. The Pinata will be broken on the 15th of August and the winner receives all the yummy treats inside!

Next up … Charlie Hadley will be our author feature on July 25th! Want to be featured too? Email me at alisaeaston5(at)gmail(dot)com. All genres welcome! 🙂


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