Take a Left Turn at Wednesday

hump dayHappy Hump Day, as they say. We’re midweek, which is bittersweet. On one hand, we have the weekend waving at us from the not-so-distant future, but on the other hand, if you’re like me, you’re looking over your shoulder and saying, holy heck, what happened to Monday?

It’s summer and as a stay-at-home working mom of three young boys, I feel like this time of year all the rules are broken and it’s a free-for-all whether anything ever actually gets done. I guess in some ways, I thrive on routine and I am a lot more productive when I know what I’m doing and when I’m supposed to be doing it. But summer? Well, the only thing I can be certain of during the summer is that when the sun rises, I will have three enthusiastic helpers ready to do just about anything and everything – except giving Mommy writing time!

Ha Ha Ha

As a result, my brain is scattered and although I keep trying to grip anything to hold on to, I’m slipping … and I know it.

Finally, I have come to the conclusion that maybe signing up for wacky Wednesday memes is not the way to row the boat. After all, when it comes to blogging, my head is even more scrambled than usual and I always seem to mess up the instructions when sign up time comes along. So, instead of Horny Hump Day or WIP Wednesday … let’s just all take a deep collective breath and say, hey look, Alisa is actually posting something on the blog today. Here you go…


I’m such a goofball. 😉

On a serious note, Sunday Girl is coming along, albeit slowly. There are plot holes so big I might lose the cat in them if I’m not careful. I’ll post another little snippet just for the fun of it, but bare in mind that by the time I go through the tough rewrite overhaul, this snippet might be out on the curb with the week’s trash.

I’ve been super fortunate to accept invitations to participate in two upcoming anthologies so look for news on those soon! I’m always excited to contribute to a book with my super talented fellow authors so to me, this is a big deal.

I’m also knee deep in writing a full length mainstream fantasy novel which gets me all pink and giggly when I talk about it.

Life is good.

Hey, don’t forget that in order to be eligible for the Pinata of Prizes in the Friday Author Features, you must comment and share Friday’s blog post. Needless to say, I’ll feel a little silly if no one chooses to participate.

Without further ado, I shall leave you with my brief snippet and wish the rest of your week happy and productive! And even if it’s not, just remember to have fun!

“What are you doing?” she asked, still feeling a bit shocked.
“Making breakfast, silly. What does it look like?”
“But why?”
In all the time they’d been messing around together, they’d been very clear on one rule which was to never actually spend the night at each other’s place. It was too much like being in a relationship, forcing them to interact in a way that made neither of them comfortable. Especially after last night, she couldn’t imagine why Brian would break this rule now while he was usually the one most concerned in keeping it.
“I figured I owe you.”
“Brian, don’t be silly. You don’t owe me anything.”
“Yes, I do. I’m sorry. You were right last night. It was really rude of me to just come here so late without even letting you know what was going on. You were asleep and I had the nerve to wake you up.” He paused and she saw the corners of his mouth turn up in a smile. “Although you weren’t really complaining at the time.”
She felt her face flush remembering the reaction she’d had before she’d realized it was him between her legs. She wasn’t sure if she felt embarrassed because she’d responded that way to Brian or if it was the fact that her response had actually been because she’d been lost in a dream of being pleasured by a woman, something she’d never considered before. The thoughts wouldn’t leave her alone now and a part of her wanted to force Brian out of her kitchen and out of her apartment so that she could spend some time alone figuring it out.
“So, is it true?” he asked handing her a plate as they made their way toward the small dining room table.
“Is what true?”
“You’ve joined an online dating site?”
“Sylvie told you.” She didn’t need to ask. She knew that Sylvie would do what she could to stop Mallory from making the mistake that she thought she was making with Brian.
“She seems quite pleased with herself.”
“Yeah, she finally talked me into it.”
“It’s because of me, isn’t it?”


Comments are always welcome! 🙂


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