Friday Fiesta Author Feature – Carrie Anne Ward

Carrie Anne WardWelcome to the Friday Fiesta! Today my author feature is the very lovely and talented Carrie Anne Ward, the author of A Taylor Made Student (The Taylor Made Series) Book 1.

About Carrie:

Carrie Anne Ward grew up in the seaside resort Clacton on sea in Essex, England, with her mum and two brothers until she was 16 years old. She then moved with her mother to Colchester (where she still lives to this day) and went on to study Art and Design at the Colchester institute. However, after recovering from the illness glandular fever, which meant she couldn’t finish her degree, she went out into the world to become a working class citizen and a glamour model on the side.

For many years she wrote stories in her spare time, mostly horrors or supernatural, but never felt the passion to take it further. Her love for literature at school didn’t, at that point, over take her love of Art, but as she grew older her passion in writing surpass any other desire she ever had.

Her passion for writing over the years grew excessively (mostly erotica) and when BDSM erotic books took the world by storm, she finally found the genre in which she wanted to write about. So being a real submissive, Carrie decided to take the experiences she has had and combined them with her imagination, to create a story. So at the age of 33 she fulfilled her dream to become a writer by releasing her debut novel A Taylor Made Student, the first book of 3 from The Taylor Made Series.


The Interview:

Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?

Well, I use it from my real life. I am actually a real life submissive (well switch actually. That’s someone who likes to play as both a submissive and a Dom, or should I say Domme, that’s the female name.) Although deep down I am a true submissive. I’ve used my experiences to create scenes, and I think this makes the kinky sex scenes more realistic. People can do research on what it is like to be a sub and write it, but I personally feel you can’t write a great story with BDSM in based on research alone, I personally feel you have to live that life style to be able to write it, or at least experience it a few times physically. The feelings you experience when you are playing is not something you can imagine. It’s a deep route desire that only being a submissive, you can express it.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

How much hard work goes in to writing and creating a book! Never in a million years would I have realised what goes into creating a book and the ups and down you take to get it finished. It’s not as simple as everyone seems to think it is.
I’ve also learnt that I am capable of finishing a project when I start it. So many times had I started a story but never finished it, for a lot or reasons, but I am proud of myself for doing it. It’s such a great sense of accomplishment when you do.

If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see play the lead role?

When I read this I was like, who the hell would I have, but then I was like “of course, there is no one else” – I am going to be sooooo big headed – Megan Fox. Not because I think I look like her – I wish – but because she is so beautiful and sexy, and I think she could play my role well. I’ve had a very naughty life lol 😉

Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?

Sunsets, because it signifies the end of that day, time to wind down and relax, and watch the sun disappear for the night to then come forth. I am a total night owl.

As a kid, were you ever afraid of a monster under the bed or in a cupboard?

Under the bed! Nightmare on elm street and poltergeist totally scared the s*** out of me enough to not look underneath my bed. Yet when I was in trouble I would always hide under there. Work that one out lol

margarita01As a special treat, Carrie has agreed to share a little about her book, A Taylor Made Student (The Taylor Made Series) and I’m sure you’ll agree this is one that you simply cannot miss reading!


A tutor that desperately wants to teach and a student that eagerly wants to learn. Off into the shadows she follows…

After 2 years of running from her brutal past, Kiera Fox is now ready to start her life over. When she decides to finish her degree at the Essex University, the last thing she was expecting was to meet the handsome and intimidating Taylor Holloway.

A brief encounter in the court yard ignites a searing desire inside of Kiera which she longs to act upon. When she takes that plunge she is surprised to learn that Taylor is her Art tutor.

Giving in to the overwhelming longing for one another, Kiera embarks on a dark journey of submission to Taylor, guiding her into a world beyond just sex. He teachers her about dominance and submission, control and discipline, pain and pleasure, but this path is a little too familiar for Kiera. Bringing up too many raw memories she’s isn’t quite ready to face, but she can no longer run as her past has now found her.

Whilst struggling to come to terms with her past, a new threat is boiling in the background. Dragging up old war wounds and dangerous secrets, Kiera soon learns she isn’t the only one hiding secrets. Although the threats warn about revealing the affair, Kiera feels it’s not just about exposing them, this is personal.

Can their relationship remain in the shadows along with their secrets? And how far will Taylor push Kiera in surrendering her will to his dark world, without breaking her?


      It was about 10 minutes before the end of class, and I had managed to put the basic outline of my design together. The class was oddly quiet, when I decided to take a break, noticing that everyone had their heads buried in their sketch pads. I don’t know why my eyes flicked quickly in the direction of Taylors desk, but when they did, I saw those insanely smoldering brown eyes staring at me. He had a wolfish grin on his face as he looked directly towards me, as if he was up to something sinister.
      I raised one eyebrow at him, as if to say “what you up to?” That wolf-like grin grew a little wider when he placed both of his hands, palms down, flat on his desk next to each other. He slid them forward across the work surface of his desk at the same time, and lifted each index finger upwards, off the desk. I noticed his eyes move from mine and down towards my skirt, and he moved each index finger apart in the opposite directions to one another. Motioning for me to open my legs and provide him with proof that I was naked down there. My eyes grew wide with shock, and my body tensed instantaneously. NO FUCKING WAY! I shook my head slightly at him. I couldn’t believe he wanted me to show him I wasn’t wearing any underwear in the middle of class. That was taking a huge risk, and that was exactly why he was doing it. Getting off on the thought of being caught turned him on, and having the control over me to make me do so, and, if I was honest with myself, it turned me on, too. When I denied to open my legs to him, his eyes grew narrow. Oh fuck! I know that look! I was in trouble if I didn’t obey his command. He was already punishing me for not doing what he asked; did I really want to add to that?
       I nervously searched the classroom to make sure no one was paying any attention to our little game, but everyone was either facing the opposite direction or too busy sketching. Once everyone seemed preoccupied, I slowly opened my legs. I felt the cold rush of air flow freely between my thighs and onto my bare pussy. Taylor’s mischievous grin grew slowly on his face, his eyes turned clouded. He sat back in his chair and crossed his muscular arms over his chest, as he took in the site before him. My heart was racing fast and I could feel the blood pump profusely through my body. My hands tightened into fists as the adrenaline coursed through my arteries, and I shivered to control myself.
       “Kiera!” SHIT! Locked in my naughty game with Taylor, I jumped right out of my skin when Melinda called my name, and in all my haste, I ended up smacking my knee against the table as I closed my legs as quick as I possibly could, which then caused the whole class to turn and look in my direction. I felt my face burn red and my body went numb. Fuck fuck fuck! Not only was I completely mortified, I then had a blaze of pain in my knee cap.
       “Oh God! Sorry, Kiera I didn’t mean to make you jump. Are you okay?” Melinda said with concern. I nodded shyly. “I was just going to ask if I could borrow your pencil sharpener.” I passed her my sharpener and hid my mortified face with my hands.
       After my heart had slowed a little, I decided to take a look in Taylor’s direction, to notice his shoulders shuffling as he quietly chuckled to himself, with one hand discreetly placed over his mouth to hide his amusement. Yeah, I’m glad my pain and humiliation amuses you Mr. Holloway! I thought as I narrow my eyes at him, shook my head and then went back to sketching.

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borderThank you, Carrie, for taking part in this week’s author feature. It’s been a pleasure having you. Thank you to everyone that took the time to visit and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 🙂



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