WIP Wednesday, Sept 24th

WIPimage2Welcome to WIP Wednesday! Each Wednesday a group of authors get together to share teasers from their current works-in-progress. I’m excited to say that this week I’m joining the fun!

This week’s teaser comes from a short story that I wrote for an upcoming anthology. If you like it, and I hope you do, check back soon for the details on where you can find not only this story but several others because those details are soon to follow…


“Hello?” he repeated but there was no one there. He looked at the display of incoming calls but according to his phone, the last call he’d received was at seven that evening. “Well, isn’t that just great,” he muttered to himself, “Now my phone is fucked too. Just what I need.”
Just as he leaned back against his pillow to stare at the ceiling, the phone buzzed again. He turned his head to watch the phone dance across the bedside table with the vibrations, moving dangerously close to falling over the edge. He reached over and picked it up, looking at the display before answering it.
“Shit,” he whispered before accepting the call and bringing the phone to his ear.
Come to me.
“Hello? Hello? Who is this?” He tossed the phone aside in frustration. Someone was playing tricks on him, he decided. Probably one of his asshole friends from the party who decided that he would be the perfect recipient of their little Halloween prank. Poor, desperate Alex that can’t keep a girl in his life. Damn it, he thought again. Had he really become that pathetic? He reached over and powered off his cell phone and made his way to the shower. Although the phone call had helped to distract him, the images from his dream still lingered. Funny thing was, this time it wasn’t Michelle and her new lover he was dreaming about. It was someone else, some beautiful vixen, and she’d been in danger. In danger of what? He wasn’t certain. He didn’t know why a stranger in a dream would affect him so much but he realized as he stripped his boxers and turned on the hot water in the shower that he was still shaking. In danger of my hard on, he muttered under his breath.
She needs me.
In response, his cock twitched and stiffened to the point of discomfort. He tried to ignore it but as the warm water poured down around him, he could feel her hands grip him. He could see her mouth open in invitation and he was powerless to do anything except give in to the control that she held over him. She needed him and so help him god, if this was how she needed him, who was he to complain? It had been so long since anyone had touched him this way. Maybe forever.
He watched entranced as the water flowed down, soaking her dark hair and plastering it to her face. He moaned as she worked him, so soft, so insistent. She slid her ample breasts against his body as she rose to her feet and claimed his mouth. So soft, so wet, so inviting. His hands wrapped around her waist and pulled her to him.
His hands glided effortlessly against wet skin until he cupped her ass in his hands and sank deep into her core. She threw her head back in ecstasy. Water continued to pour down around them. He turned her until her back was against the wall of the shower, bracing her there so that he could fill her over and over. Relentless. Madness would claim him if he didn’t have all of her.


Thanks for reading my little snippet! If you enjoyed it, be sure to drop me a comment and let me know. Then, be sure to hop on over to read more spicy tidbits from my fellow authors. You won’t be disappointed. πŸ˜‰ Since I can’t get the code to work, here’s the link to the blog list —> CLICK HERE!


4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday, Sept 24th

  1. I think I might go mad now. I’m sure we’ve all gotten that silent caller from time to time, but when it happens to me it tends to bug me for days. And although it didn’t happen to me directly, this snippet has me curious. Who’s the silent caller? I’ll be back for certain to find out the details of when this is coming out. It’s going to mystify me until I know who she is.

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