Wednesday Work In Progress – Car Sex Anyone?

Sexy glamour girl sitting in a carHappy Hump Day!

Although I would have liked to participate in the WIP Wednesday blog hop, that site will no longer accept my wordpress blog address … so, that’s okay. Going it alone this week but still sharing a little teaser from my current work-in-progress anyway.

Abigail has just found out that her boyfriend is cheating on her. Not sure where to go or what to do with herself, she ends up in a bar and meets Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome. While she’s never been the type to go for a one night stand, current circumstances have her thinking outside the box … and outside the bed.

I hope you enjoy this little teaser and if so, keep your eyes posted on this site because it will be released as my newest ebook at the beginning of February. Buckle up and enjoy the ride…


He hesitated at the steering wheel, almost as if he was having second thoughts about taking her home. She slid over the seat and took his face in her hands, forcing him to look at her so that they were nose to nose. She kissed him, tasting and testing him, parting her lips and inviting him to play.

“Damn, Abigail,” he said.

“Take me home, Mike, and do what you want with me. Remember, I’m that girl looking for a hot guy to make me forget all my troubles.”

His hands moved along her back and slipped under her tank top, teasing the soft skin underneath.

“What do you want me to do with you?” he asked. His strong hand cupped her breast and gently teased her nipple as she pushed back against him.

“Anything you want.”

His raised eyebrows made her quiver slightly inside. What would he want to do given the option to do anything at all, she wondered. Her hand moved down his chest and rested at his groin where she stroked his length through his jeans until he moaned and moved her hand away.

“I’m going to have you right here in the truck if you don’t stop that.”

“Is that what you want?” she whispered in his ear.

She reclaimed the passenger seat but not for the reasons he thought. His eyes never left the movement of her fingers as she unsnapped her shorts and pushed them slowly, seductively over her hips and down to the floor. Left in only her panties, she rubbed herself lightly through the thin fabric, feeling the soaking wetness coat her fingers. She wondered if he could see how wet she was? Could he smell her arousal as it permeated the air around them? Just the thought of him inhaling her turned her on even more.

“Oh shit,” he said finally giving in and pressing her head back into the head rest as he claimed her mouth with his. The gentleness of his touch was gone, replaced by the demanding need that overpowered. His hand went down to his jeans, freeing himself quickly as he turned her body in the seat so that he could spread her legs wide.



8 thoughts on “Wednesday Work In Progress – Car Sex Anyone?

  1. What a tease she’s being. Very wonton indeed.
    I am very sorry you are having troubles with the linky list on the Wipitup site. If you like I can enter your link manually for you?

    1. Thanks, Melody. I appreciate that. I’m not sure why it won’t accept my blog address anymore since it used to. Now it keeps telling me that my site address is invalid. Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong? I usually copy and paste but I even tried tweaking it and it still wouldn’t accept it. Weird.

  2. I ran into that same error message earlier today when trying to edit someones link. I’ve sent part of your message up there to the site owner Brent to see if he can shed some light on why this is happening. I’ll keep you posted when I hear back.
    I was able to add your link to this weeks linky but I didn’t have a pic to use for you. Sorry for the broken looking pic image. If you have any trouble in the future during sing up, please feel free to leave me a message in the comments or send me an email (melodyparks90 at gmail dot com) with your link and I will add it manually.

    1. That is awesome!! Thank you so much, Melody. That’s really nice of you to add me. Hopefully the site owner will be able to resolve the problem but if not, I really appreciate being able to contact you to add my link manually. I’ll make sure I do that next week. Thank you so much. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Good stuff! I haven’t read (and definitely haven’t written) much erotic writing, but I must say…I like this!

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