Give in to Temptation and Click!

Intimate couple during foreplay in bed - shoot with lensbaby

Temptation’s Kiss goes live on March 15th but you can be one of the first to read it by hopping over to Amazon and clicking on the pre-order button.

Go on… I dare you. 😉

This is one hot, steamy story and I had a lot of fun writing it. Even better, I’m looking forward to sharing it with you because I am hoping you will love reading it just as much as I loved writing it. This week I will be sharing snippets from the story to entice you if you aren’t already convinced so be sure you follow the blog so you don’t miss out.

In the meantime, I leave you with the book description and the links to the pre-order page. Enjoy!


Temptations_Kiss_OrderWhat would happen if you accidentally found yourself in the bed of a man you’d fantasized about almost as long as you can remember?

For Lana Halstone, the fantasy becomes a reality the night she has one too many drinks while celebrating a long weekend at their family cabin with her half sister, Megan, and stumbles into the wrong bedroom.

Lana has had a crush on Danny since the night she was twelve when Danny kissed her on a dare at the party where Megan had dragged her instead of babysitting. Now that Lana is eighteen and about to go away to college, she is willing to take a risk in order to live her ultimate fantasy. The fact that Danny thinks he is with Megan, his ex-girlfriend, makes it too perfect to pass up.

What she doesn’t realize is Danny knows he has the wrong sister in his bed, but she’s exactly the one he desires. He is not only willing to play along but he’s also determined to make it a night she won’t soon forget. He can’t get over the beautiful woman Lana has grown into and he’ll do anything to prove that he’s worthy of more than just one night. It’s a steamy, hot roller coaster ride he can’t resist.


Follow the links to reserve your copy today!

Amazon US         Amazon Canada         Amazon UK         Amazon Australia



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