Seduced by the Boss #erotica #kindle

When Allie’s friend sets her up on a job interview at a prestigious law firm, Allie has no idea the position as personal assistant to gorgeous and powerful attorney Kent James will be anything other than a mundane way to pay her growing stack of bills.

However, Mr. James makes it clear from the start, his requirements extend beyond filing paperwork and answering phone calls. He needs a woman who can attend to his most intimate desires.

At first, Allie rejects his outrageous proposal, but her desperation for money causes her to reconsider her decision. Ultimately, her personal hunger for the sexy and charming boss draws her back to the law offices of James and Jansen, begging for a second chance to be considered for the unusual opportunity.

Will accepting this tempting opportunity bring to life Allie’s most erotic fantasies or is she destined to commit career suicide?





An Excerpt from the steamy story…

“Mr. James, I’m sorry to interrupt,” she said as she pushed the door open and entered.

“Close the door behind you, Ms. Devonshire, and have a seat.”

She did as he asked and then waited politely for him to finish typing at his computer where right now his attention was solely focused. When he looked up, she could see the tired lines etched in his forehead. He leaned forward again, just as he had earlier, and rested his elbows on the desk. He didn’t look happy to see her.

“What brings you back?” he asked, as if the awkward encounter they’d had earlier had never happened. Disappointed, she realized his eyes never left hers long enough to take in her seductive choice in attire.

“I feel I owe you an apology,” she started.

He raised his eyebrows but said nothing.

“When I came here this morning, I was expecting to interview for a very different position. Your… requirements… took me off guard completely and I apologize that I left so quickly without taking the time to truly consider them.”

“And now you have had ample opportunity, I assume?”



“And I want to offer you my most sincere apologies for my behavior and tell you that not only am I truly interested in the prospective work opportunity here with your law firm, but I am also willing to make up for my earlier actions in any way that would please you.”

She felt her cheeks burn red as she spoke the last words. They hadn’t sounded nearly as corny when she’d rehearsed them in her mind. Now she held her breath while she waited for Kent to reply.

For the first time, he seemed to notice her. His gaze moved from her eyes to her mouth and she felt herself instinctively wet her lips. His gaze moved lower, settling on the enticing cleavage which peeked out from the lace bra. Her nipples responded by tightening and peaking against the thin fabric. She was certain he noticed this as well. He leaned back and rested his head against his chair as he considered her.

“You are aware, Ms. Devonshire, that we did not complete the interview process when you were here this morning? And my requirements for the job are not negotiable?”

“I know… I just… I was hoping for a second chance, if that is at all possible? I mean, I’m sure there must be others you are considering at this point in time but… I feel I am uniquely qualified to… fulfill all the responsibilities of this position.”

“This morning you had reservations about the sexual nature of my work offer. What changed your mind?”

She thought of the shower and the intense fantasy she’d had while thinking of him and decided a confession would be the most honest and direct approach.

“I couldn’t stop thinking of you when I got home. I masturbated in the shower as I considered your proposal. It was only when I climaxed I realized how much you’d piqued my… interest.”

He made a sound she couldn’t decipher. She wished he would say something, anything, to let her know she wasn’t completely out of line.

He glanced over his shoulder at the computer and sighed. “I don’t have much time,” he said.

“Please, tell me you will give me a second chance. I can return later at a more convenient time. I will do anything…”

“Anything? You do understand the implications of your statement, correct?”


“I don’t play games, Ms. Devonshire.”

“Neither do I, Mr. James.”

“Very well. If we are to take this matter seriously, I suggest you uncross your legs.”

She hesitated a moment but did as he asked. Her knees were shaking, knocking against one another as she moved.

“Open them.” His commands came out a throaty whisper now which seemed to strike her deep at the core.

Slowly, she parted her legs just enough she knew he’d be able to determine the color of her underwear. She could tell by the expression on his face, however, this wasn’t enough. Exhaling slowly, she opened further, letting the skirt ride up her thighs to accommodate the wide stance of her legs.

Kent let out a slow breath as he openly studied her. She felt awkward being on display like this but at the same time, it turned her on. If he placed a hand inside her panties, he would quickly discover how much he’d affected her with this one simple command.

“Do I meet with your approval?” she dared to ask him.






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