Alisa’s Stories

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SURRENDER: Some creatures stalk the night in search of prey to satiate blood thirst needs. Others, equally dangerous, stalk the night in search of carnal pleasures to ensure survival.surrender cover Rachel Morina had been roaming the earth as a succubus for more years than she cared to remember and somehow she never tired of the perks of the job – including gorgeous men who fell down around her, willing to satisfy her every need. Her mood and her appetite constantly evolved but her primal need for sex never faltered. But no life is perfect and Rachel knew this all too well. While she could have any man she wanted, there were always dangers that potentially lurked around every corner and as a result, she could never stay in one place too long and she could never have the same man more than once. Above all else, she could never know love. When she meets Devon, she knows there is something unusual about him but will she surrender to the power he holds over her?  US   UK   Canada

In His Arms coverIN HIS ARMS: SECRET CONFESSIONS SERIES: Kora has a secret. She’s had an obsessive crush on her gorgeous roommate, Zach, from the first day they met. But while they’ve maintained a strong friendship, she’s never managed to turn his head from the stream of beautiful women who share his bed. When finally, she breaks up with her boring boyfriend at the end of the semester, she doesn’t have much hope for her love life and expects to settle for her fantasies of Zach. But everything changes when Zach’s friend Evan is in town for a visit and comes up with a plan to get Kora right where they want her. That one night will change everything.  US  UK  Canada

SLUMBER PARTY: THE LITCHVILLE MOTHER’S GROUP SERIES, BOOK 2: When Beth moved to Litchville, she had no idea the pleasures that awaited her slumber party coverthere. Not only has she become good friends and secret lovers with another mom from her son’s school, but she’s also been invited to a mother’s group with benefits unlike any other. Her gorgeous, younger neighbor, Jack, is available for no-strings playtime and proves to have an open mind and healthy appetite when it comes to new adventures in the bedroom.  Beth’s world would be perfect, in fact, if it weren’t for her resistance to growing feelings for Jack and an anxiety about becoming a full-time member of the mother’s group. To make matters worse, her ex husband turns jealousy into fuel for revenge. Is Beth’s sexual freedom worth the risk? In Book Two of the Litchville Mother’s Group Series, Beth continues to balance ordinary with the extraordinary and finds sexual fulfillment beyond compare.   US  UK  Canada

PlayDate coverPLAY DATE: THE LITCHVILLE MOTHER’S GROUP SERIES, BOOK 1: When Beth moved herself and her son to Litchville after a painful divorce, she looked forward to a new job and a fresh start in life. The last thing she expected was to encounter a playful mother’s group that encouraged more than just emotional support to a newly single mother. Beth can’t escape the magnetic attraction to her new friend Crystal and although she’s never been with a woman before, she’s curious to experiment. Meanwhile, her sexy neighbor Jack has made it clear that he’s interested in her for more than just a cup of sugar. No strings attached. Litchville may be the best move Beth’s ever made.   US  UK  Canada


UNBROKEN PLEASURES: The night Alexandra went walking in the rain, she hadn’t anticipated meeting him. Now the stranger is all that she can think about and unbrokenpleasuresdespite her best friend’s warnings, she will do just about anything to lure him back into her bed and feel his touch. Her encounter ignites a passion that she’s never felt before and she knows that without the stranger, her life will never be complete. Will she be able to overcome her fears in order to embrace what she desires most?  US  UK  Canada

 lacysseductioncoverLACY’S SEDUCTION: Lacy Abbott’s clothes clung to her body in the brutal late afternoon heat. It was the summer before her freshman year in college and she was hot, horny, and bored. Her boyfriend wasn’t interested in taking their relationship to the next level so she resorted to masturbation to release her frustrations. What she hadn’t realized was that the new neighbor was watching and he had plans for her beautiful body. Despite their age difference, Charlie fully intended to make her his own.  US  UK  Canada

CLAIM MY DESIRE: Rather than experience another blind date disaster, Melanie escapes to the solitude of her best friend’s cabin. Her idea of the perfect Valentines Day weekend is a movie marathon and a large plate of nachos. Much to her surprise, her friend’s sexy cousin, Cole, planned a getaway the same weekend in order to claimmydesirecoverfinish writing his latest erotica novel. He’s dressed in jeans and a flannel shirt but armed with a drop-dead gorgeous smile that Melanie can’t resist.  Snowed in, and at the mercy of the handsome stranger, Melanie’s passion ignites. She’s left to wonder if all her fantasies have come to life or if she’s simply inspiration to fill the pages of his novel?  US  UK  Canada

threecoverTHREE TO TANGO: Allison wants to give her husband an anniversary gift that he will never forget. When she offers to fulfill his fantasies by inviting an attractive woman to spend the night with them, Jeremy can’t say no. Better yet, this could be the spark that reignites their sex life. Will their experience as a threesome exceed Allison’s erotic expectations or will it spell disaster for an already crumbling marriage?    US  UK  Canada


NAUGHTY NEW YEAR: The start of a new year promises new beginnings and new possibilities and that is exactly what Michelle needs after a painful separation from her husband. As the holiday approaches, she embraces the idea of packing up her small Chicago apartment and moving back to her parents’ house in Pennsylvania. To make the idea even sweeter, she’s met a handsome man named Evan with the ability to push all the right buttons. Just when she settles into her new naughtynewyearlife, however, her soon-to-be ex-husband shows up at her door declaring his undying devotion and swearing that this time he can make it work. Will Michelle go back to the safety of her husband or embrace her new life as the new year begins?    US UK Canada

youralliwantcoverYOU’RE ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS: Faced with spending Christmas alone or with her crazy family, Michelle decides to board a plane for home. Armed with a bottle of wine, she’s determined to make it through an evening of dinner and presents with the relatives she hasn’t seen in ages, including the cousin she once considered a best friend, Maxine. And then she sees him. Mr. Tall-Dark-and-Handsome is exactly what Michelle wants Santa to leave in her stocking. Will her Christmas wish come true?  US  UK  Canada


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