WIP Wednesday – Temptation’s Kiss

WIPimage2Happy WIP IT Wednesday!

Time for a little midweek tease when a group of authors gather together to share snippets of their work-in-progress. You can find all the details and sign up information on the official page: http://www.wipitupwednesday.blogspot.com

This week is extra special for me because my latest story, Temptation’s Kiss, is now available for Pre-Order! The book goes live on March 15th and if you are interested, you can reserve your copy HERE.

In honor of my newest release, I am sharing a snippet from Temptation’s Kiss today. In my snippet, Lana and Danny have just shared an erotic encounter the previous night. Lana, however, thinks she has fooled Danny into believing he was with her sister while Danny knows exactly who was in his bed. Now he wants more, except he isn’t sure how to go about telling her this without scaring her off.


Temptations_Kiss_OrderHe swallowed hard and looked over at her again. Her cheeks went a faint shade of red. Either she wasn’t very comfortable with the opposite sex or he had an effect on her too. She smelled faintly of flowers and arousal. The latter couldn’t be his imagination.

“Why do you keep looking at me like that?” she asked him.

“Why do you keep pretending you don’t like it?” He meant it as teasing but the smile on her face faded and was replaced by worry. He half wondered if she was going to get up and bolt. She’d made it clear from the onset that she wasn’t thrilled about being there with him alone and if being with him put her so on edge, every move he made had the potential to scare her off for good. He had to tread very carefully if he wanted to keep her where she was to have half a chance of bringing out the horny side of her he’d encountered last night.

“I’m not pretending.”

“You’re beautiful. You should be used to guys looking at you.”

“They don’t look at me,” she said, her voice almost wistful and sad, a hint of longing that he wished he could fill just by being close to her. If anyone had hurt her, he would put a fist in that guy’s face and make sure it hurt.

“I know they do.”

“What would you know about the way guys look at me?”

“Well, I’m a guy. I like looking at you.”

She dropped her head and his stomach clenched. He couldn’t go on pretending like nothing had happened between them. The dance around words was driving him mad.

“You’re an incredibly attractive girl, Lana. I think I proved the effect you have on me last night,” he said softly.

She looked up at him and the look on her face turned to terror. Those few seconds while she digested his words felt like years stretched between them. He could see the thoughts churning in her head. He could almost hear the racing of her heart. All he could do was hold his breath and wait for her to accept his attraction or continue to deny it.

“What are you talking about?” she said barely loud enough for him to her.

A tugging on his line told him he had a fish but he didn’t move to reel it in. He was too afraid, too frozen between what he should do and what he shouldn’t. She’d chided him for kissing her when she was only twelve and he had no business doing it. She must have thought him a predatory monster.

“I’m not trying to scare you away, Lana. I don’t know how you ended up in my bed last night, or why for that matter. All I’m saying is I am glad you did and I wouldn’t mind if it happened again.”

She was on her feet so fast, he barely had time to react but he was unwilling to let the conversation go so easily. His hands clutched her arms, forcing her to look into his eyes as he searched for some sign that she wanted him to kiss her as much as he wanted it. He hadn’t meant to startle her. He just desperately needed to feel her in his arms again.

“I’m so sorry,” she whispered, “I never should have done that. I never should have come between you and Meg.”

“There is nothing between Meg and me. There hasn’t been for a long time. I am telling you the truth.”

She blinked but said nothing. He could almost see her thoughts at war with her desires. He decided to give her desires a gentle nudge in the right direction. He bent down to kiss her, tasting the sweetness of her lips.


Want to know what happens next? Reserve your copy of the book today. 😉

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Thanks for reading and I hope to see you back soon! In the meantime, be sure to hop on over to check out the other participating authors.

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Wednesday Work In Progress – Car Sex Anyone?

Sexy glamour girl sitting in a carHappy Hump Day!

Although I would have liked to participate in the WIP Wednesday blog hop, that site will no longer accept my wordpress blog address … so, that’s okay. Going it alone this week but still sharing a little teaser from my current work-in-progress anyway.

Abigail has just found out that her boyfriend is cheating on her. Not sure where to go or what to do with herself, she ends up in a bar and meets Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome. While she’s never been the type to go for a one night stand, current circumstances have her thinking outside the box … and outside the bed.

I hope you enjoy this little teaser and if so, keep your eyes posted on this site because it will be released as my newest ebook at the beginning of February. Buckle up and enjoy the ride…


He hesitated at the steering wheel, almost as if he was having second thoughts about taking her home. She slid over the seat and took his face in her hands, forcing him to look at her so that they were nose to nose. She kissed him, tasting and testing him, parting her lips and inviting him to play.

“Damn, Abigail,” he said.

“Take me home, Mike, and do what you want with me. Remember, I’m that girl looking for a hot guy to make me forget all my troubles.”

His hands moved along her back and slipped under her tank top, teasing the soft skin underneath.

“What do you want me to do with you?” he asked. His strong hand cupped her breast and gently teased her nipple as she pushed back against him.

“Anything you want.”

His raised eyebrows made her quiver slightly inside. What would he want to do given the option to do anything at all, she wondered. Her hand moved down his chest and rested at his groin where she stroked his length through his jeans until he moaned and moved her hand away.

“I’m going to have you right here in the truck if you don’t stop that.”

“Is that what you want?” she whispered in his ear.

She reclaimed the passenger seat but not for the reasons he thought. His eyes never left the movement of her fingers as she unsnapped her shorts and pushed them slowly, seductively over her hips and down to the floor. Left in only her panties, she rubbed herself lightly through the thin fabric, feeling the soaking wetness coat her fingers. She wondered if he could see how wet she was? Could he smell her arousal as it permeated the air around them? Just the thought of him inhaling her turned her on even more.

“Oh shit,” he said finally giving in and pressing her head back into the head rest as he claimed her mouth with his. The gentleness of his touch was gone, replaced by the demanding need that overpowered. His hand went down to his jeans, freeing himself quickly as he turned her body in the seat so that he could spread her legs wide.


Surrender, Erotica with a Paranormal Twist

surrender coverWhen I originally wrote Surrender, I walked away from the keyboard shaking my head and thinking that I could never actually publish it. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the story because truthfully, I loved it. I felt as though, as far as erotica is concerned, it’s one of the best I’ve written, and while it may be short, it certainly packs a punch.

The problem, I felt, was the fact that it was so much darker than the lighter ‘Alisa’ stories that I share and it’s the first time that I combine my love of paranormal with my love of …. well, sex. I let the story sit for a while as I tried to come up with ways that I could change it but the longer it sat, the more I simply grew to love the story I’d written.

Instead, I created a brand new pen name and went about the time consuming business of opening a new Twitter and Facebook account for her. Then I published this as a debut story titled Desperate Desires under the pen name. I had a couple of sales but literally, only a couple. I did a free promotion and even still, the story didn’t take off as I’d hoped it would. I do know that to be successful, I would have had to keep going and build up a library of stories to offer potential readers and since I believe Rachel and Devon’s story will continue, it shouldn’t have been hard to imagine.

But ultimately, I came to the conclusion that it’s exhausting to try to keep up with two separate pen names and all the social media that goes into putting both in the public eye, so Desperate Desires slipped deeper into the corners of oblivion. This made me sad. Remember, I love this story.

So, deep breath, here we are. I have deleted the pen name and all her social media accounts and blog. I made a few minor changes to the story (but resisted the urge to tone it down too much), and I changed the title to one that I like better. Today, I am proud to announce that the story is now proudly amongst my collection and I’m bracing myself for any feedback I may receive.  I’m happy to share a snippet of it here.


The blurb:

Some creatures stalk the night in search of prey to satiate blood thirst needs. Others, equally dangerous, stalk the night in search of carnal pleasures to ensure survival. Rachel Morina had been roaming the earth as a succubus for more years than she cared to remember and somehow she never tired of the perks of the job – including gorgeous men who fell down around her, willing to satisfy her every need. Her mood and her appetite constantly evolved but her primal need for sex never faltered. But no life is perfect and Rachel knew this all too well. While she could have any man she wanted, there were always dangers that potentially lurked around every corner and as a result, she could never stay in one place too long and she could never have the same man more than once. Above all else, she could never know love.

When she meets Devon, she knows there is something unusual about him but will she surrender to the power he holds over her?


The snippet:

Some creatures stalk the night in search of prey to satiate blood thirst needs. Others, equally dangerous, stalk the night in search of carnal pleasures to ensure survival. Rachel Morina had been roaming the earth as a succubus for more years than she cared to remember and somehow she never tired of the perks of the job – including gorgeous men willing to satisfy her every need. Her mood and her appetite constantly evolved but her primal need for sex never faltered. But no life is perfect and Rachel knew this all too well. While she could have any man she wanted, there were always dangers that potentially lurked around every corner and as a result, she could never stay in one place too long and she could never have the same man more than once no matter how well-endowed or particularly talented he may be. Above all else, she could never know love.
Keeping her eye on the stranger across the room, Rachel took a long sip from her drink to steady her nerves. She was starving and he was just the fix she needed. She set down the drink and licked her lips, catching his attention as she did. She could tell by the way he stared at her that he was sizing her up. He would be attracted to her, they all were. Standing at just under six feet with a lean muscular body, she intimated some men, but not the ones that mattered. The latter reveled in her curves and her confidence and didn’t mind taking the time to make sure her desires were fulfilled.
She smiled in his direction and he smiled back at her. Yes, she would gladly feast on him for the evening. There was little doubt of it now. It was only a matter of planning the details. How exactly would she use this man to satisfy her needs?
Reaching down to adjust her black stockings, she could feel his presence without looking up. This one was particularly handsome with rugged good looks and large broad shoulders that she couldn’t wait to massage. She stood up and glanced up at him, batting her eyelashes shyly as she did.
“Hi,” he said. Simple and to the point. She liked a man that didn’t feel the need to use more words than necessary.
“Hi,” she said. She cocked her head to one side as she took in every detail about him. He didn’t flinch as her eyes roamed his body from head to foot. He had dark hair that hung down over his face to partially hide even darker eyes. This was a man with secrets, dark and devilish secrets.
“Can I buy you a drink?”
“Actually, I was just leaving.”
“Come on, just one drink? I wouldn’t mind the chance to get to know you a little.”
“I’m Rachel,” she said extending a hand. He took it eagerly, bringing it to his lips and kissing softly. She felt the warmth travel from her hand to between her legs.
“It’s lovely to meet you, Devon.”
“The pleasure is all mine. So, about that drink?”
“I’ll have whiskey,” she said.
“That’s quite a strong drink for such a lovely lady.”
“I’m a strong lady.”
Devon motioned for the bartender and ordered two whiskeys. Once he’d paid for the drinks, they chose a quiet table in a dark corner.
“You here all by yourself?” he asked her as they settled into the booth seat.
Rachel picked up the drink and finished it in one sip. He gave her an appreciative nod and then did the same.
“Not anymore,” she said meeting his gaze. He licked his lips and slid closer to her, bending his head to inhale the scent of her hair. She watched their reflection in a mirror opposite and knew that there was something different about this one but she couldn’t quite put her finger on what.
“You’re a beautiful woman,” he told her, “And I am a very lucky man.”
“Yes, you are.”
She felt his large warm hand on her thigh as he moved so close that there was not even an inch between them. The table sheltered his hand from view of the other patrons at the bar. He could easily slip underneath her dress and do all manner of naughty things and no one would be the wiser. She sighed and uncrossed her legs, opening them just slightly in invitation.
Devon squeezed her thigh gently and stroked from her knee to the hem of her dress, deliberately toying with the edge to drive her wild. She laid her hand over his to stop his flirtations.
“You don’t strike me as the shy type,” he said looking at her.
“And you don’t strike me as the type to play games.”
“I don’t.”
“Then I believe we have an understanding.”
He nodded slightly but didn’t move his hand. His fingers dipped to her inner thigh and she trembled at his touch, opening her legs just a little more in automatic response. He took advantage of the gap to slide his hand all the way up to the wetness between her legs. She wasn’t wearing any panties and she moaned as he cupped her sex in his hand and coaxed her to greater arousal.
“You’re so wet,” he whispered into her ear, “Perhaps we should take this conversation somewhere a bit more private.”
“What exactly do you plan on doing with me?”
“Anything I want.”
To accentuate his purpose, he used his index finger to trace her clitoris and spread her juices over it as he rubbed lightly. Her body felt as though it were on fire. She slid back and watched their reflection through half closed lids as he played with her. It was pure torture the way he touched her and as he manipulated her sex, she could feel her need growing. She was getting so close to release. Her cheeks flushed with the realization that she was about to come in the middle of a public place.
Suddenly, he took his hand away and she looked at him in shock.
“Let’s get out of here,” he said.
“Do you think I would really take a stranger home?”
“Yes, as a matter of fact, I think there isn’t much you wouldn’t do.”
She considered this for a moment.
“You may be right.”
“And it just so happens that there isn’t much I wouldn’t do either.”
“All the same…”
“Your pussy is soaked and aching for me. I know how to make you feel good. Really good.”
“I might hold you to that.”
As they stood up to leave, she deliberately brushed up along his body smoothing her hands over his chest as she walked past him, leading the way out the door. He was solid muscle under his button down dress shirt and she couldn’t wait to get him naked.
They walked in silence. He didn’t ask where they were going and she didn’t volunteer information. Being a large tourist town, he probably assumed that she was staying in one of the many local hotels. He was right, of course, but not for the reasons he expected. It was all part of her well executed plan, just like the tight fitting black cocktail dress that showed off her ample cleavage and firm stomach, and the black thigh high stockings and killer heels.


Rachel and Devon’s story has only just begun and I hope you will share their adventures. Follow the link…



Secret Confessions: In His Arms

In His Arms coverI’m very pleased to announce the first story in a new series of Secret Confessions.  In Your Arms is Kora and Zach’s very juicy tale of finding unexpected sexual fulfillment with a little help from a friend.

The Blurb:

Kora has a secret. She’s had an obsessive crush on her gorgeous roommate, Zach, from the first day they met. But while they’ve maintained a strong friendship, she’s never managed to turn his head from the stream of beautiful women who share his bed. When finally, she breaks up with her boring boyfriend at the end of the semester, she doesn’t have much hope for her love life and expects to settle for her fantasies of Zach.

But everything changes when Zach’s friend Evan is in town for a visit and comes up with a plan to get Kora right where they want her. That one night will change everything.

The Excerpt:

As long as I had known Zach, I’d never known him to actually socialize with other males. He just seemed more comfortable in the presence of women, both as friends and as lovers. So when a male voice said hello as I walked in the door, I jumped a little. The last thing I expected was to walk in the apartment to an unfamiliar man watching TV in the living room.
He was pretty good-looking though, I had to admit. He had short blond hair and the most striking blue eyes I’d ever seen. A girl could get lost in those eyes, I thought, and his body rivaled the physique of Zach. I wondered if maybe they’d met at the gym.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t realize Zach had company,” I said feeling suddenly out-of-place in my own home. If Zach had a guest then where the hell was Zach? Why was this stranger sitting in the middle of our living room unattended?
“You must be Kora,” he said stepping forward with his hand outstretched. I took it reluctantly, shaking in such a formal manner. What were those alarm bells ringing in my head? “I’ve heard so much about you,” he told me.
“Really?” Truly, I was dumbfounded. It couldn’t have been good things.
“Yes, he’s quite fond of you.”
“Where is Zach?”
“He stepped out for a minute but he’ll be right back. He told me to wait for you.”
“To wait for me? Why on earth would he do that?” Zach and I were going to have to have a little chat about proper guest etiquette this weekend.
“Our friend seems to think you haven’t been getting the attention that you require and deserve.”
“Look, I’m not sure what that’s supposed to mean but I’m exhausted and I don’t mean to be rude but I really just want to take a hot shower and crawl into bed right now… so if you’ll excuse me.”
“A shower sounds like a splendid idea. You’ll find a dress for the evening has already been laid out on the bed for you and dinner will be served at promptly seven.”
“Would you like company in the shower?”
“No! I can handle myself just fine. I don’t know who the hell you think you are but maybe you should leave. I’m not sure I like what’s going on here.”
“I’m so sorry. I didn’t even introduce myself. My name is Evan. Zach and I go way back.”
“Funny, I don’t remember him ever mentioning you before.”
“He’s like that sometimes. There are sides to him that he doesn’t always let other people see.”
I opened my mouth to say something but I was so confused that I simply closed my mouth again and conceded that at the very least, I needed that shower. Evan called out something about how much he looked forward to seeing me in the dress and I thought no way in hell.
The sounds of the door opening and muffled voices in the kitchen led me to believe that Zach was home. I grabbed my bathrobe off the hook and wrapped it tightly around my body as I stormed out of the bathroom to give him a piece of my mind. I was stopped short by the amazing smells coming from our kitchen. I was pretty sure that our kitchen had never smelled that way before.
“What is that?” I said as the rumbling in my belly betrayed my hunger. I couldn’t simply disappear behind closed doors with that smell lingering in the air around me. I had to eat some, whatever it was.
“Chicken cacciatore,” Zach said coming over to give me a quick hug, “and I can assure you that Evan makes the best you’ll ever taste.”
“Somehow I believe that.”
“Speaking of Evan, I understand you two have already met?”
“Yes, about that…”
“Good, good. Here, I’ve taken the liberty of pouring you a glass of wine. Why don’t you have a drink while you go get changed into the dress we picked out for you and then we can talk about everything else over dinner.”
“But Zach…” I pouted.
“I’m not taking no for an answer. Now go. Get dressed. Dinner will be on the table in just a few minutes.”
I took the wine but I gave him my best evil expression that I could muster under the circumstances and made my way to my bedroom. I had to admit it, the dress they’d picked out was quite pretty and I was already certain that it was going to fit perfectly and flatter in all the right places. It almost excused the fact that they had no business choosing my clothes behind my back in the first place. What on earth had gotten into Zach? He’d never done anything like this before and frankly, I was a bit unnerved by his sudden shower of attention. We’d been friends for a long time, sure, but not the kind of friends that went out of their way to spend a whole lot of time together. Most of what I knew about Zach, I only knew by watching his comings and goings while he went about his own life and I went about mine. This sudden convergence was simply … unnatural … and yet so painfully comforting at the same time. I wanted it so much and I supposed that was what scared me the most. Best not to make too many assumptions when it came to Zach though and I had a funny feeling that his intentions had something to do with setting me up with Evan. Evan was gorgeous but I already knew that he wasn’t my type. As long as Zach was in my life, I don’t think any guy could compare.
In the end, I wore the dress, no matter what consequences I might have for indulging the pair in this strange game they had decided to play. It was a simple but elegant black cocktail style dress. Because it had spaghetti straps, I opted to go without a bra rather than waste time searching for a strapless that I wasn’t even sure I owned. I chose my favorite black lace panties because, well, I am eternally optimistic, and paired it with black thigh high stockings that stopped just above the hem of the dress. If I stretched or bent in just the right way, it would be obvious to my companions what I was wearing by the hint of black lace peeking from under my dress. I wasn’t sure if Zach liked that sort of thing, or if he’d even look twice if it was on me, but those few sips of wine I’d taken while dressing myself were already making me far bolder than I’d ordinarily dare to be. Or maybe it was my sudden fuck-it attitude. I wasn’t entirely sure.
As a final preparation, I pinned my hair off my neck and added a bit of make-up. Admiring my reflection, I knew I was ready by the time I heard Zach call me for dinner.
They were both waiting for me when I came out of the bedroom and I was a little taken back by the way they seemed to size me up and openly stare at the way the dress hugged my body in all the right places. Zach almost blushed as his eyes met mine and I wanted to question again what the hell was going on tonight but I didn’t dare to break the mood. Evan held the chair for me while Zach lit candles on the table and refreshed my glass of wine which I’d already managed to empty. Stupid me, I should have known better than to drink a full glass on an empty stomach. I’d no doubt pay for that little blunder later.
“What’s all this about?” I asked as Evan dished up the chicken and Zach took his seat across the table from me.
“Evan was in town. I thought it might be nice to do something special.”
“You’re from out of town?” I asked directing my question to Evan who had sat down and now took a healthy drink of wine from his glass.
“Yes, I live in Colorado actually,” he said putting down his glass, “Zach and I grew up together, went to the same high school, used to be the best of buddies.”
I looked at Zach waiting for some confirmation of this and he simply nodded and smiled in Evan’s direction. A look passed between them, the sort of look that people who have known each other really well for a long time can share, and I believed that they did have a history but that there was still a lot to that history that they weren’t telling me. My curiosity compelled me but I didn’t want to be nosy so I kept my mouth shut for the time being and enjoyed the amazing dinner that Evan had prepared. Zach was right, I’d never tasted anything quite like it before.


Things get spicy when dessert is served. Here are the links to read more:



Slumber Party

slumber party coverThe Litchville Mother’s Group Series begins with Play Date and continues with Slumber Party, which I am very happy to announce is available now.

The Blurb:

When Beth moved to Litchville, she had no idea the pleasures that awaited her there. Not only has she become good friends and secret lovers with another mom from her son’s school, but she’s also been invited to a mother’s group with benefits unlike any other.

Her gorgeous, younger neighbor, Jack, is available for no-strings playtime and proves to have an open mind and healthy appetite when it comes to new adventures in the bedroom.

Beth’s world would be perfect, in fact, if it weren’t for her resistance to growing feelings for Jack and an anxiety about becoming a full-time member of the mother’s group. To make matters worse, her ex husband turns jealousy into fuel for revenge. Is Beth’s sexual freedom worth the risk?

In Book Two of the Litchville Mother’s Group Series, Beth continues to balance ordinary with the extraordinary and finds sexual fulfillment beyond compare.


The Excerpt:
“Jack, you remember Crystal,” Beth said reluctantly. She didn’t know why the look in Jack’s eyes left her feeling so uncomfortable.
“Hi, Jack,” Crystal said, “We were just going to have a cup of coffee. Care to join us?”
“Crystal!” Beth nearly shouted. She needed to get Crystal out of her clothes. She didn’t want to actually sit and have coffee with Jack.
“I would love to,” Jack said.
Beth groaned.
“Wonderful,” Crystal said. She pulled away from Beth and looped one arm through Jack’s as they made their way to Beth’s door. Beth felt her anticipation plummet into despair. She’d gone from being eager to get naked to wishing that she’d just decided to spend the morning at the office instead. Nothing good could come out of sitting around her living room in awkward silence sipping coffee with her two lovers.She unlocked the door and held it open for the two to enter. As Jack passed the threshold, she looked at him with pleading eyes. She wanted to make him understand how much she needed to be with Crystal alone right now. Was he trying to sabotage the time she spent with Crystal in some selfish attempt to secure the relationship that he thought they should pursue? They weren’t a couple and they never would be. She just couldn’t bring herself to actually date a man that was so much younger, no matter how gorgeous he may be and no matter what skills he displayed in bed.
“Don’t you have a test to study for?” Beth said.
“Nope. I finished my last exam yesterday and I am officially a free man with all the time in the world.”
“Great,” Beth said sarcastically as she closed the door behind her and headed for the kitchen to make the coffee that she had no intention of drinking. She grumbled under her breath as she did. When she returned to the living with three mugs of steaming hot coffee on a tray, she nearly dropped them as she stumbled into the sight of Jack kissing Crystal.
Crystal looked up startled. Her face was flushed and her hair was slightly tussled. Things had clearly gotten a bit heated while Beth was out of the room.
“What the…” Beth couldn’t finish the thought. All she could do was stand and gape at Jack and Crystal and wait for whatever would happen next.
“I’m so sorry, I guess I let myself get carried away,” Crystal said trying to regain her composure. Jack simply smiled and shrugged.
“Is one of those for me?” he asked indicating the cups of coffee that Beth still held on the tray. She looked from Jack to the coffee and back at Jack again. She was half tempted to throw the entire tray at him. How dare he waltz into her apartment and put moves on her girlfriend? But Crystal wasn’t really her girlfriend, was she? With a sigh, Beth set the tray on the end table and handed one of the mugs to Jack who took it eagerly. Crystal had a husband and a family, a fact that she made very clear the last time she’d been in Beth’s apartment. How was kissing Jack okay? Was that jealousy knocking? She cleared her throat and took a seat opposite from the couch where Jack and Crystal sat. Crystal glanced her way sheepishly before taking the remaining mug and stirring sugar carefully into the liquid.
“I hope I’m not imposing,” Jack said breaking the uncomfortable silence.
“Not at all,” Beth said but she couldn’t keep the hostility from creeping into the tone of her voice.
“You two can carry on with your girl talk. Don’t let my being here change that.” He smiled knowingly in Beth’s direction and she felt like she could reach out and slug him for being so smug about it. He knew very well that when Crystal visited, there was very little conversation that ever took place between them. Why make an awkward situation even more so?
“I just hired a new babysitter to look after Ronnie when I start my part-time job over the summer,” Crystal said ignoring the tension that radiated between Jack and Beth. Beth looked at her as though she’d forgotten she was still in the room.
“Oh, that’s right. I forgot you were going back to work.”
“Just a couple of days per week but the extra money will help.”
“I can imagine,” Beth said. She hadn’t considered summer vacation at all. What was she going to do when Max wasn’t in school during the day? “Maybe she can help look after Max too,” Crystal offered almost as if she’d been reading Beth’s mind.
“That would be great actually.”
“I’ll ask her about it.” Crystal looked back at Jack “You’re a student?”
“Yes, in the graduate program. I will finish next year.”
“Oh? What do you plan on doing once you’ve finished school?”
“I haven’t quite decided that yet.”
“Jack intends to make school his career, I think,” Beth said feeling annoyed again. She glanced at the clock. Normally by this time she had already had at least one orgasm.
“Am I keeping you from something?” Jack teased.
“Look, Jack, I don’t mean to be rude but maybe you could give Crystal and I some time?”
“I could,” he said considering Beth’s suggestion, “or maybe I could give you ladies a hand?”
“Jack,” Beth warned.
“What exactly did you have in mind?” Crystal asked him. Beth sighed. “I’m up for anything you want,” he said smiling at her. Crystal smiled back at him with a look that suggested she not only knew what he was hinting at but that she was completely on board with it. Beth’s insides twisted in anguish. This wasn’t happening.
“Our friend Beth isn’t usually into sharing,” she said.
“I really don’t think this is such a good idea.”
“I see what you mean.”
“It’s not that I don’t like to share … It’s just …”
“It’s just what?”
Beth struggled to come up with a reason, any reason that would stop the insanity from progressing.
“Jack, didn’t you say you wanted to stop being no-strings fun and take our relationship a little more seriously? We’re going on a date tomorrow night, after all.”
“Yeah, I did, and yet ever since that conversation, it hasn’t stopped you from bringing Crystal back to your place, has it? If we’re going to take things more seriously then why shouldn’t I be included?”
“This is ridiculous.”
“I don’t want to cause problems between the two of you,” Crystal said, “so maybe I should get going and leave you two to work it out.”
“No, Crystal, wait. I want you to stay,” Beth said.
“What about me, Beth? Do you want me to stay?”
She looked from one to the next and flopped back against the chair. Honestly, she couldn’t choose between them and she hated feeling forced to do so. She wanted them both equally. Then why was she struggling so hard to wrap her head around having sex with both of them at the same time? In the grand scheme of things, what difference would it make?
“I want you to stay, Jack,” she said at last.
“Are you sure about that?”
“Yes.”Jack stood up and came toward her, kneeling down on the floor in front of her chair so that they were nearly eye level. He took her head in his large hands and pulled her face to his, covering his lips over hers. She sighed into the kiss, letting him part her lips with his tongue as he pulled her closer. She felt the yearning deep inside to have him. She allowed him to gather her into his arms as she slid off the chair into his lap with her legs straddled around him. His hands grazed her back and settled on her ass as he made sure that she was very aware of the outline of his erection in his pants.
At the moment, with her eyes closed, she could have imagined that they were alone and she would have given in to doing anything that he asked her to do but another set of hands reminded her of the reality as Crystal settled behind her and slipped her delicate hands under Beth’s t-shirt. Beth moaned and leaned back as Jack grabbed both of her wrists and held her arms outstretched above her head so that Crystal could yank her t-shirt up and off baring her breasts to her friend’s fondling and caresses. Jack watched as Crystal continued to manipulate Beth’s breasts and then reached around to kiss Crystal with Beth still pressed between them. She could feel the heat radiating from both lovers and she knew instinctively that they were both just as turned on as she was. Jack paused long enough to share his kiss with Beth and she enjoyed the taste of his swollen lips against her. He broke the connection to return to Crystal while Crystal continued to hold the weight of Beth’s breasts against her hands, pinching her taunt nipples between her fingers as Jack worked her into a greater sense of arousal.
Crystal pulled free and stood to unbutton her blouse.
“Last one in the bedroom is a rotten egg,” she teased.


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Play Date, A Tempting Tidbit

PlayDate coverI’m very excited to introduce my latest novelette, Play Date, and share a little snippet with you. Play Date is the first story in a new series titled The Litchville Mother’s Group Series.

If you’re a mom, you know that there isn’t anything particularly sexy about changing diapers or helping with homework and probably if you’ve ever been invited to attend a mother’s group, you didn’t automatically reach for the nearest vibrator.

Things work a little differently in Litchvile, however.

Beth is recently divorced, new to town, and looking for a fresh start with a new job. Taking a job as a research assistant, she chooses an apartment close to campus that is occupied by mostly graduate students. Having just escaped a loveless marriage, sex is the farthest from her mind.

But single mother or not, Beth is still a woman with needs. She’ll find more than she bargained for when she accepts an invitation by her new friend Crystal to the Litchville mother’s group meeting but will she accept the benefits that their friendship offers?

Even if she isn’t ready to take part in a group situation, she certainly can’t deny a magnetic attraction to Crystal. No matter how she tries to talk herself out of it, she’s still desperate to experiment with kissing her and feeling her soft body under her fingertips.

And if that weren’t quite enough to rev Beth’s engine, it turns out that her gorgeous and sexy neighbor Jack is interested in her for more than just a cup of sugar. She resists getting involved with a man who is probably a decade younger but that doesn’t mean that she’s against a little no-strings fun in the meantime.

Where will it all lead?


Beth was left standing in the doorway looking at Crystal and reliving the way the woman had kissed her only moments ago. She wondered if Crystal was thinking about it too. There was a hungry look in her eyes as she assessed Beth but clearly, whatever her thoughts may be, she was not about to push Beth again. She motioned for her to take a seat in the living room with Cynthia and Mary again, which she did feeling embarrassed about the scene she’d made.
Andrea and Kelly walked in the room just as Beth tried to settle back into her seat and pretend like everything was normal. She felt her face flush when she looked at the two blondes, despite her efforts to act casual. It was obvious by their disheveled appearance that they’d gone far beyond kissing once finding their way to a bedroom.
“You two look like you’re having a good time,” Cynthia said. Mary giggled and looked nervously toward Beth, probably expecting her to try to dart for the door again.
Kelly slung an arm around Andrea’s shoulder and kissed the other woman on the cheek.
“This, my friends,” Kelly said, “Makes it all worthwhile.”
The two settled onto the floor with Kelly behind Andrea, still massaging and caressing her shoulders. Beth tried her best not to openly stare even when Kelly planted small kisses along Andrea’s neck while Andrea bent to offer her friend better access.
“So, tell us something about yourself, new girl,” Andrea said.
“Oh… um… Well, my name is Beth. I’m recently divorced and just moved to Litchville with my son Max. I was offered a position as a research assistant that I couldn’t pass up. I was hoping that a fresh start in a new town would be good for both of us.”
“You certainly came to the right place,” Kelly said.
Beth bit her tongue.
“Beth isn’t sure that she likes our little group,” Cynthia said with a snort.
Amber and Kelly both looked shocked. Beth shifted under the weight of their stares. It wasn’t normal to do the sort of things these women did in their free time but yet somehow they made her feel like the oddball.
“Obviously, you haven’t given us a fair try.”
“Never mind that, ladies,” Crystal said trying to break the tension, “We have a lot to catch up. Who wants to start?”
Cynthia was quick to raise her hand and spent the next five minutes griping about work and her unforgiving boss. Beth tried to listen but her attention kept going back to Andrea and Kelly. Kelly’s hands had worked their way under Andrea’s shirt while Andrea leaned her head back and helped to guide the woman’s hands over her breasts. No one else in the room was phased by the behavior of the pair.
“Well, you remember last meeting when I told you about my coworker hitting on me?” Mary chimed in.
The other women all nodded and said yes, eager to hear more of Mary’s story rather than listen to anymore of Cynthia’s rant.
“I finally gave in. Turns out he’s not half bad. Neither is his wife.”
“Oh, you naughty girl, you,” Crystal said.
“You’re just jealous.”
“You bet I am. He is quite a hottie.”
“He lives up to my high expectations in the bedroom as well.”
“So, does that mean you’ll be breaking your no sex with coworkers rule more often?”
“Well, I don’t know about that,” Mary said leaning back to stretch, “but I certainly won’t say no to the occasional romp with my new friend.”
“You keep this up and you won’t need us anymore,” Cynthia said with a sour expression on her face.
“Oh, you know that isn’t true, my love. I’ll always have a space in my heart for you. You have skills that can’t compare.”
“Speaking of skills,” Cynthia said, “I’m in dire need at the moment. After the week I’ve had…”


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Lacy’s Seduction

lacysseductioncoverIt’s about time that I share another snippet from my latest novelette, Lacy’s Seduction. As always, I hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

The blurb:

Lacy Abbott’s clothes clung to her body in the brutal late afternoon heat. It was the summer before her freshman year in college and she was hot, horny, and bored. Her boyfriend wasn’t interested in taking their relationship to the next level so she resorted to masturbation to release her frustrations. What she hadn’t realized was that the new neighbor was watching and he had plans for her beautiful body. Despite their age difference, Charlie fully intended to make her his own.

The snippet:

She dragged the lounge chair into the middle of the yard where she would get the best sun and settled in concentrating on the music as she let her thoughts drift. She imagined a pair of strong hands belonging to a gorgeous college boy roaming up and down her thighs and across her breasts. Between the sun and her steamy thoughts, she was close to racing upstairs to relieve some of her frustration. She could feel the growing dampness between her legs and wondered if she should shave down there before the party, a thought which turned her on even more just by the sheer naughtiness of it.

The hand on her shoulder made her jump. She opened her eyes while simultaneously pulling out her ear buds and looked up in horror at the face of someone that she felt like she should know but she couldn’t quite place.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” He was holding grocery bags and wearing a large friendly smile. His brown hair was just long enough that it almost covered his large brown eyes.

“It’s alright,” she said weakly. She looked back toward her house and realized that she’d left her cell phone in her bedroom. She looked back at the man. He didn’t look dangerous but something about him unnerved her. He put down the bags he was holding and held out his right hand to shake.

“My name is Charlie Delaney. I’m your new neighbor.”

She shook his hand and gasped slightly. His grip was firm and confident and she felt a jolt of electricity pass between them which seemed to hit her directly at her core.

“Oh! Hi, Mr. Delaney. I’m Lacy Abbott. I live here with my dad, George.”

“I know.” He flashed her another smile and there was something devilish about the way he grinned at her. It was that moment that it occurred to her that he had been the one watching her from the window. She felt her face flush in embarrassment.

“I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself since I saw you out here.”

She didn’t miss the flash of lust in his eyes as his eyes quickly scanned her bikini clad body. He licked his lips and she felt another jolt of moisture between her legs. She felt like she had to focus to keep her breathing restrained. She was being absurd, she thought. He was at least thirty-some years old and married. He wouldn’t be interested in her.

“It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Delaney.”

“Please call me Charlie.”


An awkward pause passed between them. He lingered there too long watching her and it was making her feel uncomfortable. She didn’t know what to say and was about to make an excuse to go inside and find something to do when he interrupted her train of thought.

“It’s really hot out here. I just made some iced tea before I went to the store. Would you like a glass?”

She should have said no. She should have made her excuses and disappeared into the safety of her house but there was something about him so compelling that her body was silently screaming for her to say yes. Feeling as though she were floating outside herself, she smiled and nodded.

“That would be lovely, thank you.”

What was she thinking? She set the iPod on the table next to her lounge chair as she stood up and offered to help carry his groceries inside. Charlie unlocked the back door and held it open for her.

His house was very much in the process of being decorated and furnished. Unpacked boxes lined the rooms, some of them open and the contents scattered around. Lacy followed him to the kitchen aware that her heart was beating so fast. She set the bag on the counter and watched him pull out two glasses from a nearly empty cupboard and fill them with fresh iced tea.

After the time she’d spent in the sun, the drink was very welcome and she drank quickly. She was well aware that as she tipped her head back to enjoy the coolness in her throat, his gaze moved along her body. She felt her nipples harden, straining the thin fabric of her bikini top and wished that she would have had the sense to bring a towel or a wrap so she didn’t feel so exposed. His eyes held a hunger that she wasn’t accustomed to seeing and she involuntarily shuddered.

“Are you cold?”

“I must have drunk too quickly,” she said forcing a smile and wrapping her arms around her to hide her aroused nipples.

Charlie put down his drink and took a step closer to her rubbing the sides of her arms lightly to help warm her, which did nothing for the ache in her breasts that longed to feel those firm hands on them, or the ache at her core that begged to be touched. She knew that she should step away and put distance between them but she was frozen, still in disbelief that he would find her attractive. She bit her lip as she looked up into his eyes wondering what he was thinking.

“How old are you, Lacy?” he asked in a slightly hoarse voice. Was it desire that she heard?

“I’ll be nineteen in September. I’m starting my freshman year at college.”

“That’s exciting,” he said taking another step closer and brushing her hair away from her face. She felt as though she couldn’t breath and the world stopped turning as he leaned down to brush his lips against her ear. “I like the show you put on for me.”

“What?” her voice betrayed her. She tried to step away from him but he slipped his arms around her waist and pulled her tight against him. The outline of his erection was unmistakable in his pants against the thin fabric of her bikini bottoms.

“Did you like doing that for me?” he whispered. He let his hands slide down to her behind and pulled her tight against him as he moved his hips ever so slightly against her. Her legs felt weak, overcome with arousal and desire, and she couldn’t think straight.

“Yes,” she said barely loud enough for him to hear.

“You have a beautiful body.”

She opened her mouth to say something but he crushed his lips against hers, sliding his tongue inside, overwhelming her senses. She gave in to him and wrapped her arms around his neck to savor the moment even though a part of her screamed that it was so wrong. His fingers traced the crack of her behind and stopped at the wetness of her sex, massaging her lightly through her swimsuit and making her squirm against his fingers.

“I can feel how much you like it,” he said as he broke the kiss.

He took her hand in his and led her to the front of his jeans where his erection begged to be free from the constraints of the fabric.

“Do you feel how hard you make me?”

All she could do was nod, shyly stroking the outline of his hardness through his jeans. She felt him twitch underneath her touch.

“When I watch you touch yourself, I can’t help touching myself,” he said softly not letting go of her hand, holding it close against his crouch and watching the flicker of desire wrestle with uncertainty in her eyes.

“Mr. Delaney… I … I should go home before my friend gets here.”

He held her for a moment more and she started to wonder if he would let her walk out of his house. She wasn’t sure that she wanted him to let her go. She wasn’t sure if she wanted him to yank off her bikini bottoms and have his way with her. The look in his eyes told her that he craved being inside her.

“Call me Charlie,” he repeated.

“Okay. Charlie… I have to…”

He pulled her close again and kissed her and she felt him smile as her body willingly melted against him. He let go of her hand and used both of his hands to hold her face as he kissed her more passionately than she’d ever been kissed before.

“Will you leave the curtains open for me tonight?” he said as he let her go. She felt flushed and confused.

“Yes,” she heard a voice tell him and she knew that somehow it belonged to her.


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