Saturday Spankings, October 11th

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Hi! Fancy meeting you here. I’m new to Saturday Spankings but once upon a time, many moons ago, on a different blog, I used to participate in Six Sentence Sunday. I enjoyed doing that and missed it when it stopped. The other day, on a wistful whim, I started poking around on Google to see if anyone had put Six Sentence Sunday back into action. I came across a post from another author suggesting for those of us who enjoyed SSS and didn’t mind a little naughty stuff, to hop on over to Saturday Spankings and give it a try. So… here I am.

While I don’t often use spankings in my stories, this sounds like fun so I’m not going to shy away. Here goes…


Zach pulled me toward the right and I followed willingly. I could feel him sit, presumably on the couch and the butterflies fluttered through my midsection. He forced me down over his lap in a position that I hadn’t expected. My stomach rested against his naked thighs and I could feel his hard length teasing my side. My arms hung over the edge leaving me completely at his mercy.
“What are you doing?”
“Punishing you for being such a naughty girl. I should have done this a long time ago.”


Eight sentences isn’t much. If you need more, you can find it here. Happy Saturday and thanks for taking the time to read!

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Horny Hump Day, In His Arms

Horny Hump DayThis is my first week participating in Horny Hump Day and I hope I’ve managed to play by all the rules. Participating authors publish three smoking hot sentences from one of their published works or works-in-progress. This is harder than it sounds!

Welcome to my blog!

Today I am going to feature three sentences from In His Arms, the story of Kora who has a secret crush on her roommate, Zach, that is about to get the nudge it needs with a little help from Zach’s friend, Evan.

I hope my three will help inspire a horny hump day…


 I watched in wide-eyed horror until Zach commanded my attention again by pulling me against his hard chest and kissing me deeply. I wasn’t sure when he’d pulled off his shirt but the feel of his skin against mine made me purr in contentment. I let him lift me to my feet as Evan pushed the dress to the floor leaving me in my panties and stockings with hands bound in the red silk tie.


**Be sure to visit Horny Hump Day for a complete list of all the authors participating in today’s hop. **

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I’m offering In His Arms as a FREE download on Amazon for a limited time, so if you like the three short sentences you’ve read here, be sure to follow the link to grab the complete story!

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Secret Confessions: In His Arms

In His Arms coverI’m very pleased to announce the first story in a new series of Secret Confessions.  In Your Arms is Kora and Zach’s very juicy tale of finding unexpected sexual fulfillment with a little help from a friend.

The Blurb:

Kora has a secret. She’s had an obsessive crush on her gorgeous roommate, Zach, from the first day they met. But while they’ve maintained a strong friendship, she’s never managed to turn his head from the stream of beautiful women who share his bed. When finally, she breaks up with her boring boyfriend at the end of the semester, she doesn’t have much hope for her love life and expects to settle for her fantasies of Zach.

But everything changes when Zach’s friend Evan is in town for a visit and comes up with a plan to get Kora right where they want her. That one night will change everything.

The Excerpt:

As long as I had known Zach, I’d never known him to actually socialize with other males. He just seemed more comfortable in the presence of women, both as friends and as lovers. So when a male voice said hello as I walked in the door, I jumped a little. The last thing I expected was to walk in the apartment to an unfamiliar man watching TV in the living room.
He was pretty good-looking though, I had to admit. He had short blond hair and the most striking blue eyes I’d ever seen. A girl could get lost in those eyes, I thought, and his body rivaled the physique of Zach. I wondered if maybe they’d met at the gym.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t realize Zach had company,” I said feeling suddenly out-of-place in my own home. If Zach had a guest then where the hell was Zach? Why was this stranger sitting in the middle of our living room unattended?
“You must be Kora,” he said stepping forward with his hand outstretched. I took it reluctantly, shaking in such a formal manner. What were those alarm bells ringing in my head? “I’ve heard so much about you,” he told me.
“Really?” Truly, I was dumbfounded. It couldn’t have been good things.
“Yes, he’s quite fond of you.”
“Where is Zach?”
“He stepped out for a minute but he’ll be right back. He told me to wait for you.”
“To wait for me? Why on earth would he do that?” Zach and I were going to have to have a little chat about proper guest etiquette this weekend.
“Our friend seems to think you haven’t been getting the attention that you require and deserve.”
“Look, I’m not sure what that’s supposed to mean but I’m exhausted and I don’t mean to be rude but I really just want to take a hot shower and crawl into bed right now… so if you’ll excuse me.”
“A shower sounds like a splendid idea. You’ll find a dress for the evening has already been laid out on the bed for you and dinner will be served at promptly seven.”
“Would you like company in the shower?”
“No! I can handle myself just fine. I don’t know who the hell you think you are but maybe you should leave. I’m not sure I like what’s going on here.”
“I’m so sorry. I didn’t even introduce myself. My name is Evan. Zach and I go way back.”
“Funny, I don’t remember him ever mentioning you before.”
“He’s like that sometimes. There are sides to him that he doesn’t always let other people see.”
I opened my mouth to say something but I was so confused that I simply closed my mouth again and conceded that at the very least, I needed that shower. Evan called out something about how much he looked forward to seeing me in the dress and I thought no way in hell.
The sounds of the door opening and muffled voices in the kitchen led me to believe that Zach was home. I grabbed my bathrobe off the hook and wrapped it tightly around my body as I stormed out of the bathroom to give him a piece of my mind. I was stopped short by the amazing smells coming from our kitchen. I was pretty sure that our kitchen had never smelled that way before.
“What is that?” I said as the rumbling in my belly betrayed my hunger. I couldn’t simply disappear behind closed doors with that smell lingering in the air around me. I had to eat some, whatever it was.
“Chicken cacciatore,” Zach said coming over to give me a quick hug, “and I can assure you that Evan makes the best you’ll ever taste.”
“Somehow I believe that.”
“Speaking of Evan, I understand you two have already met?”
“Yes, about that…”
“Good, good. Here, I’ve taken the liberty of pouring you a glass of wine. Why don’t you have a drink while you go get changed into the dress we picked out for you and then we can talk about everything else over dinner.”
“But Zach…” I pouted.
“I’m not taking no for an answer. Now go. Get dressed. Dinner will be on the table in just a few minutes.”
I took the wine but I gave him my best evil expression that I could muster under the circumstances and made my way to my bedroom. I had to admit it, the dress they’d picked out was quite pretty and I was already certain that it was going to fit perfectly and flatter in all the right places. It almost excused the fact that they had no business choosing my clothes behind my back in the first place. What on earth had gotten into Zach? He’d never done anything like this before and frankly, I was a bit unnerved by his sudden shower of attention. We’d been friends for a long time, sure, but not the kind of friends that went out of their way to spend a whole lot of time together. Most of what I knew about Zach, I only knew by watching his comings and goings while he went about his own life and I went about mine. This sudden convergence was simply … unnatural … and yet so painfully comforting at the same time. I wanted it so much and I supposed that was what scared me the most. Best not to make too many assumptions when it came to Zach though and I had a funny feeling that his intentions had something to do with setting me up with Evan. Evan was gorgeous but I already knew that he wasn’t my type. As long as Zach was in my life, I don’t think any guy could compare.
In the end, I wore the dress, no matter what consequences I might have for indulging the pair in this strange game they had decided to play. It was a simple but elegant black cocktail style dress. Because it had spaghetti straps, I opted to go without a bra rather than waste time searching for a strapless that I wasn’t even sure I owned. I chose my favorite black lace panties because, well, I am eternally optimistic, and paired it with black thigh high stockings that stopped just above the hem of the dress. If I stretched or bent in just the right way, it would be obvious to my companions what I was wearing by the hint of black lace peeking from under my dress. I wasn’t sure if Zach liked that sort of thing, or if he’d even look twice if it was on me, but those few sips of wine I’d taken while dressing myself were already making me far bolder than I’d ordinarily dare to be. Or maybe it was my sudden fuck-it attitude. I wasn’t entirely sure.
As a final preparation, I pinned my hair off my neck and added a bit of make-up. Admiring my reflection, I knew I was ready by the time I heard Zach call me for dinner.
They were both waiting for me when I came out of the bedroom and I was a little taken back by the way they seemed to size me up and openly stare at the way the dress hugged my body in all the right places. Zach almost blushed as his eyes met mine and I wanted to question again what the hell was going on tonight but I didn’t dare to break the mood. Evan held the chair for me while Zach lit candles on the table and refreshed my glass of wine which I’d already managed to empty. Stupid me, I should have known better than to drink a full glass on an empty stomach. I’d no doubt pay for that little blunder later.
“What’s all this about?” I asked as Evan dished up the chicken and Zach took his seat across the table from me.
“Evan was in town. I thought it might be nice to do something special.”
“You’re from out of town?” I asked directing my question to Evan who had sat down and now took a healthy drink of wine from his glass.
“Yes, I live in Colorado actually,” he said putting down his glass, “Zach and I grew up together, went to the same high school, used to be the best of buddies.”
I looked at Zach waiting for some confirmation of this and he simply nodded and smiled in Evan’s direction. A look passed between them, the sort of look that people who have known each other really well for a long time can share, and I believed that they did have a history but that there was still a lot to that history that they weren’t telling me. My curiosity compelled me but I didn’t want to be nosy so I kept my mouth shut for the time being and enjoyed the amazing dinner that Evan had prepared. Zach was right, I’d never tasted anything quite like it before.


Things get spicy when dessert is served. Here are the links to read more:



Flash Fiction – The Kiss

image for Apr 20

He gently traced her arms with the tips of his fingers. Her skin was silky soft. She trembled slightly as he secured the blindfold in place.
“Are you cold?”
“No, I’m fine,” she whispered.
He smiled, although she wouldn’t know it now that she was properly secured. He parted her knees and lowered his head inhaling the musky scent of arousal that permeated the air around them. His need for her pulsated but he didn’t dare rush. He intended to savor every moment.
“What are you doing?”
Her voice was laced in nervousness. He wanted to touch the moistness that he was certain had already dampened her lace panties. Even more, he wanted to taste her, drink her down, every drop that she had to offer. He hesitated. He didn’t want to scare her away.
“I’m admiring you.”
She’d never looked more beautiful in that moment of vulnerability. He ached to be inside her wrapped in the soft silkiness of her desire.
“Will you kiss me already?” Then softly she added, “Please.”
He stared at her lips as she licked to moisten them and he felt his groin stiffen in response. How could she be so blissfully unaware of the animalistic hold that she had over him? He longed to pin her underneath his body and ravage her, fucking her until neither of them could simply walk away.
“Mike? What are you waiting for?”
He didn’t want just a kiss. He wanted it all. He wanted to possess her body and make her come until she couldn’t take anymore.
“Laura… I…..”
“Do it before they think there is something going on between us.”
He swallowed his lust and carnal urge as he moved closer, lowering his face to hers and closing his eyes. He inhaled. And then finally, he sealed his lips over hers and reveled in the warmth of her body against his.
She could choose to turn blind to truth but the kiss would tell him everything he needed to know.
She melted just slightly against his chest and he became hyper aware of the beating of her heart against his and the silky strands of her hair under his fingers. She sighed softly, parting her lips to test her tongue against his and he accepted her willingly. In that moment, time stopped and the world around them disappeared.
She wanted him, too. He could feel it.
He deepened the kiss. The throbbing in his groin grew more insistent against his zipper and he gently took her hand and guided it to the heat of his jeans. She gasped lightly and he felt her start to pull away. No, the moment couldn’t end so soon.
A hand on her thigh, soft and supple, her legs yielding to his grasp. She hadn’t rejected him and it was all the encouragement that he needed to press forward, inching closer to the space he longed to claim. So close. Heat radiated from her core and she moaned softly.
“Mike!” she said with a breathless gasp.
The spell was broken. He looked longingly at her swollen red lips and wished that he could taste her again but he knew even without trying that any further attempts would be dismissed.
“I thought you wanted…”
“Mike, please, we should get back to the party.”
“It was only a kiss.”
She reached behind her head and untied the blindfold. When their eyes met, he saw something there, some change within, but he couldn’t quite place what it was.
“You’re right. Of course.”
He followed her out of the room, adjusting himself as he dd to hide his state of arousal. He slumped into the couch never letting his eyes leave her even though a little part of him died every time he watched her kiss her boyfriend.
All in time, he thought.
Laura spun the bottle to choose her next victim.



I hope you enjoyed The Kiss. Be sure to visit Amber Bentley and Christina Mandara for more yumminess. Check back for the next Flash Fiction installment on May 10th!