Take a Left Turn at Wednesday

hump dayHappy Hump Day, as they say. We’re midweek, which is bittersweet. On one hand, we have the weekend waving at us from the not-so-distant future, but on the other hand, if you’re like me, you’re looking over your shoulder and saying, holy heck, what happened to Monday?

It’s summer and as a stay-at-home working mom of three young boys, I feel like this time of year all the rules are broken and it’s a free-for-all whether anything ever actually gets done. I guess in some ways, I thrive on routine and I am a lot more productive when I know what I’m doing and when I’m supposed to be doing it. But summer? Well, the only thing I can be certain of during the summer is that when the sun rises, I will have three enthusiastic helpers ready to do just about anything and everything – except giving Mommy writing time!

Ha Ha Ha

As a result, my brain is scattered and although I keep trying to grip anything to hold on to, I’m slipping … and I know it.

Finally, I have come to the conclusion that maybe signing up for wacky Wednesday memes is not the way to row the boat. After all, when it comes to blogging, my head is even more scrambled than usual and I always seem to mess up the instructions when sign up time comes along. So, instead of Horny Hump Day or WIP Wednesday … let’s just all take a deep collective breath and say, hey look, Alisa is actually posting something on the blog today. Here you go…


I’m such a goofball. 😉

On a serious note, Sunday Girl is coming along, albeit slowly. There are plot holes so big I might lose the cat in them if I’m not careful. I’ll post another little snippet just for the fun of it, but bare in mind that by the time I go through the tough rewrite overhaul, this snippet might be out on the curb with the week’s trash.

I’ve been super fortunate to accept invitations to participate in two upcoming anthologies so look for news on those soon! I’m always excited to contribute to a book with my super talented fellow authors so to me, this is a big deal.

I’m also knee deep in writing a full length mainstream fantasy novel which gets me all pink and giggly when I talk about it.

Life is good.

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Without further ado, I shall leave you with my brief snippet and wish the rest of your week happy and productive! And even if it’s not, just remember to have fun!

“What are you doing?” she asked, still feeling a bit shocked.
“Making breakfast, silly. What does it look like?”
“But why?”
In all the time they’d been messing around together, they’d been very clear on one rule which was to never actually spend the night at each other’s place. It was too much like being in a relationship, forcing them to interact in a way that made neither of them comfortable. Especially after last night, she couldn’t imagine why Brian would break this rule now while he was usually the one most concerned in keeping it.
“I figured I owe you.”
“Brian, don’t be silly. You don’t owe me anything.”
“Yes, I do. I’m sorry. You were right last night. It was really rude of me to just come here so late without even letting you know what was going on. You were asleep and I had the nerve to wake you up.” He paused and she saw the corners of his mouth turn up in a smile. “Although you weren’t really complaining at the time.”
She felt her face flush remembering the reaction she’d had before she’d realized it was him between her legs. She wasn’t sure if she felt embarrassed because she’d responded that way to Brian or if it was the fact that her response had actually been because she’d been lost in a dream of being pleasured by a woman, something she’d never considered before. The thoughts wouldn’t leave her alone now and a part of her wanted to force Brian out of her kitchen and out of her apartment so that she could spend some time alone figuring it out.
“So, is it true?” he asked handing her a plate as they made their way toward the small dining room table.
“Is what true?”
“You’ve joined an online dating site?”
“Sylvie told you.” She didn’t need to ask. She knew that Sylvie would do what she could to stop Mallory from making the mistake that she thought she was making with Brian.
“She seems quite pleased with herself.”
“Yeah, she finally talked me into it.”
“It’s because of me, isn’t it?”


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WIP Wednesday #1

WIPimage2Welcome to the first WIP It Wednesday! Each Wednesday, a great group of authors and I will share a little teaser from a current work-in-progress. Today I’m excited to introduce you to Sunday Girl, a story that I hope to make available by the end of July. Be sure to connect with me if you enjoy the excerpt and want to know when the story is available!

Sunday Girl is the story of a young woman named Mallory who has a friends-with-benefits relationship with gorgeous Brian. Just as Brian starts to see  Mallory as more than just sex, she meets his beautiful cousin Amber at a wedding and the sparks really fly. Mallory decides that maybe the reason she’s never found the perfect man is because the perfect man is really a woman! Now she must figure out a way to reconcile her new feelings and salvage her friendship with Brian as she pursues new found love with Amber.

Please note, since this is a work-in-progress, anything could change…


sunday girl coverShe drifted quickly to sleep, settling into a dream that seemed to pick up where her earlier attempts had left off except that this time, the hands trailing over her body made her tingle and fill with lust and desire. She tried to make out the features of the person bringing her this exceptional arousal but it was too dark so instead she closed her eyes and opened her body and her mind to the warm wet kisses along her thigh. She ached with need. She wriggled her hips trying to find contact with her lover and relief for the intense sensations coursing through her. Her lover parted her thighs and ran fingers feather light along the inside, parted the folds of Mallory’s sex, and began exploring the wetness until Mallory moaned, begging for more.
“Please,” Mallory sighed feeling all at once desperate and needy.
“Have I told you how much I like the scent of your body wash?” said a feminine voice. Mallory knew that voice but she couldn’t place it at first and then it hit her – it was Lily, the pretty blond nurse from work.
“Wait… what?” Mallory tried to pull away, to resist the young woman’s advances, so confused why she would be here now making Mallory’s body feel so alive.
“Shhhh… just relax.”
“No… Lily… I can’t…”
“It’s only a dream,” Lily promised before spreading Mallory open and simultaneously sucking and licking her clit as she inserted two fingers inside her opening.
Mallory moaned and clutched the sheets. One touch and she was already so close to orgasm. Lily’s soft lips planted kisses along her mound before returning to her true focus. She pushed her tongue inside, imitation the motions of sex until Mallory wanted to scream out.
“Oh god, don’t stop…” she panted, eyes open and her forehead glistening with sweat. But wasn’t it a dream?
Mallory gasped and tried to sit up.
“Oh god,” she whispered, laying back and giving in to the magical feelings between her legs. When she finally gave in to release, her body shuddered and collapsed and she lay breathless against her sweat-soaked sheets.
“Lily…” she whispered into the darkness.
“Who is Lily?”
“Oh! Brian!” she bolted upright, reaching for the sheet to cover her body while she searched for his face in the night. “I didn’t think you were coming.”
“Who is Lily?” he repeated.


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Slumber Party

slumber party coverThe Litchville Mother’s Group Series begins with Play Date and continues with Slumber Party, which I am very happy to announce is available now.

The Blurb:

When Beth moved to Litchville, she had no idea the pleasures that awaited her there. Not only has she become good friends and secret lovers with another mom from her son’s school, but she’s also been invited to a mother’s group with benefits unlike any other.

Her gorgeous, younger neighbor, Jack, is available for no-strings playtime and proves to have an open mind and healthy appetite when it comes to new adventures in the bedroom.

Beth’s world would be perfect, in fact, if it weren’t for her resistance to growing feelings for Jack and an anxiety about becoming a full-time member of the mother’s group. To make matters worse, her ex husband turns jealousy into fuel for revenge. Is Beth’s sexual freedom worth the risk?

In Book Two of the Litchville Mother’s Group Series, Beth continues to balance ordinary with the extraordinary and finds sexual fulfillment beyond compare.


The Excerpt:
“Jack, you remember Crystal,” Beth said reluctantly. She didn’t know why the look in Jack’s eyes left her feeling so uncomfortable.
“Hi, Jack,” Crystal said, “We were just going to have a cup of coffee. Care to join us?”
“Crystal!” Beth nearly shouted. She needed to get Crystal out of her clothes. She didn’t want to actually sit and have coffee with Jack.
“I would love to,” Jack said.
Beth groaned.
“Wonderful,” Crystal said. She pulled away from Beth and looped one arm through Jack’s as they made their way to Beth’s door. Beth felt her anticipation plummet into despair. She’d gone from being eager to get naked to wishing that she’d just decided to spend the morning at the office instead. Nothing good could come out of sitting around her living room in awkward silence sipping coffee with her two lovers.She unlocked the door and held it open for the two to enter. As Jack passed the threshold, she looked at him with pleading eyes. She wanted to make him understand how much she needed to be with Crystal alone right now. Was he trying to sabotage the time she spent with Crystal in some selfish attempt to secure the relationship that he thought they should pursue? They weren’t a couple and they never would be. She just couldn’t bring herself to actually date a man that was so much younger, no matter how gorgeous he may be and no matter what skills he displayed in bed.
“Don’t you have a test to study for?” Beth said.
“Nope. I finished my last exam yesterday and I am officially a free man with all the time in the world.”
“Great,” Beth said sarcastically as she closed the door behind her and headed for the kitchen to make the coffee that she had no intention of drinking. She grumbled under her breath as she did. When she returned to the living with three mugs of steaming hot coffee on a tray, she nearly dropped them as she stumbled into the sight of Jack kissing Crystal.
Crystal looked up startled. Her face was flushed and her hair was slightly tussled. Things had clearly gotten a bit heated while Beth was out of the room.
“What the…” Beth couldn’t finish the thought. All she could do was stand and gape at Jack and Crystal and wait for whatever would happen next.
“I’m so sorry, I guess I let myself get carried away,” Crystal said trying to regain her composure. Jack simply smiled and shrugged.
“Is one of those for me?” he asked indicating the cups of coffee that Beth still held on the tray. She looked from Jack to the coffee and back at Jack again. She was half tempted to throw the entire tray at him. How dare he waltz into her apartment and put moves on her girlfriend? But Crystal wasn’t really her girlfriend, was she? With a sigh, Beth set the tray on the end table and handed one of the mugs to Jack who took it eagerly. Crystal had a husband and a family, a fact that she made very clear the last time she’d been in Beth’s apartment. How was kissing Jack okay? Was that jealousy knocking? She cleared her throat and took a seat opposite from the couch where Jack and Crystal sat. Crystal glanced her way sheepishly before taking the remaining mug and stirring sugar carefully into the liquid.
“I hope I’m not imposing,” Jack said breaking the uncomfortable silence.
“Not at all,” Beth said but she couldn’t keep the hostility from creeping into the tone of her voice.
“You two can carry on with your girl talk. Don’t let my being here change that.” He smiled knowingly in Beth’s direction and she felt like she could reach out and slug him for being so smug about it. He knew very well that when Crystal visited, there was very little conversation that ever took place between them. Why make an awkward situation even more so?
“I just hired a new babysitter to look after Ronnie when I start my part-time job over the summer,” Crystal said ignoring the tension that radiated between Jack and Beth. Beth looked at her as though she’d forgotten she was still in the room.
“Oh, that’s right. I forgot you were going back to work.”
“Just a couple of days per week but the extra money will help.”
“I can imagine,” Beth said. She hadn’t considered summer vacation at all. What was she going to do when Max wasn’t in school during the day? “Maybe she can help look after Max too,” Crystal offered almost as if she’d been reading Beth’s mind.
“That would be great actually.”
“I’ll ask her about it.” Crystal looked back at Jack “You’re a student?”
“Yes, in the graduate program. I will finish next year.”
“Oh? What do you plan on doing once you’ve finished school?”
“I haven’t quite decided that yet.”
“Jack intends to make school his career, I think,” Beth said feeling annoyed again. She glanced at the clock. Normally by this time she had already had at least one orgasm.
“Am I keeping you from something?” Jack teased.
“Look, Jack, I don’t mean to be rude but maybe you could give Crystal and I some time?”
“I could,” he said considering Beth’s suggestion, “or maybe I could give you ladies a hand?”
“Jack,” Beth warned.
“What exactly did you have in mind?” Crystal asked him. Beth sighed. “I’m up for anything you want,” he said smiling at her. Crystal smiled back at him with a look that suggested she not only knew what he was hinting at but that she was completely on board with it. Beth’s insides twisted in anguish. This wasn’t happening.
“Our friend Beth isn’t usually into sharing,” she said.
“I really don’t think this is such a good idea.”
“I see what you mean.”
“It’s not that I don’t like to share … It’s just …”
“It’s just what?”
Beth struggled to come up with a reason, any reason that would stop the insanity from progressing.
“Jack, didn’t you say you wanted to stop being no-strings fun and take our relationship a little more seriously? We’re going on a date tomorrow night, after all.”
“Yeah, I did, and yet ever since that conversation, it hasn’t stopped you from bringing Crystal back to your place, has it? If we’re going to take things more seriously then why shouldn’t I be included?”
“This is ridiculous.”
“I don’t want to cause problems between the two of you,” Crystal said, “so maybe I should get going and leave you two to work it out.”
“No, Crystal, wait. I want you to stay,” Beth said.
“What about me, Beth? Do you want me to stay?”
She looked from one to the next and flopped back against the chair. Honestly, she couldn’t choose between them and she hated feeling forced to do so. She wanted them both equally. Then why was she struggling so hard to wrap her head around having sex with both of them at the same time? In the grand scheme of things, what difference would it make?
“I want you to stay, Jack,” she said at last.
“Are you sure about that?”
“Yes.”Jack stood up and came toward her, kneeling down on the floor in front of her chair so that they were nearly eye level. He took her head in his large hands and pulled her face to his, covering his lips over hers. She sighed into the kiss, letting him part her lips with his tongue as he pulled her closer. She felt the yearning deep inside to have him. She allowed him to gather her into his arms as she slid off the chair into his lap with her legs straddled around him. His hands grazed her back and settled on her ass as he made sure that she was very aware of the outline of his erection in his pants.
At the moment, with her eyes closed, she could have imagined that they were alone and she would have given in to doing anything that he asked her to do but another set of hands reminded her of the reality as Crystal settled behind her and slipped her delicate hands under Beth’s t-shirt. Beth moaned and leaned back as Jack grabbed both of her wrists and held her arms outstretched above her head so that Crystal could yank her t-shirt up and off baring her breasts to her friend’s fondling and caresses. Jack watched as Crystal continued to manipulate Beth’s breasts and then reached around to kiss Crystal with Beth still pressed between them. She could feel the heat radiating from both lovers and she knew instinctively that they were both just as turned on as she was. Jack paused long enough to share his kiss with Beth and she enjoyed the taste of his swollen lips against her. He broke the connection to return to Crystal while Crystal continued to hold the weight of Beth’s breasts against her hands, pinching her taunt nipples between her fingers as Jack worked her into a greater sense of arousal.
Crystal pulled free and stood to unbutton her blouse.
“Last one in the bedroom is a rotten egg,” she teased.


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Play Date, A Tempting Tidbit

PlayDate coverI’m very excited to introduce my latest novelette, Play Date, and share a little snippet with you. Play Date is the first story in a new series titled The Litchville Mother’s Group Series.

If you’re a mom, you know that there isn’t anything particularly sexy about changing diapers or helping with homework and probably if you’ve ever been invited to attend a mother’s group, you didn’t automatically reach for the nearest vibrator.

Things work a little differently in Litchvile, however.

Beth is recently divorced, new to town, and looking for a fresh start with a new job. Taking a job as a research assistant, she chooses an apartment close to campus that is occupied by mostly graduate students. Having just escaped a loveless marriage, sex is the farthest from her mind.

But single mother or not, Beth is still a woman with needs. She’ll find more than she bargained for when she accepts an invitation by her new friend Crystal to the Litchville mother’s group meeting but will she accept the benefits that their friendship offers?

Even if she isn’t ready to take part in a group situation, she certainly can’t deny a magnetic attraction to Crystal. No matter how she tries to talk herself out of it, she’s still desperate to experiment with kissing her and feeling her soft body under her fingertips.

And if that weren’t quite enough to rev Beth’s engine, it turns out that her gorgeous and sexy neighbor Jack is interested in her for more than just a cup of sugar. She resists getting involved with a man who is probably a decade younger but that doesn’t mean that she’s against a little no-strings fun in the meantime.

Where will it all lead?


Beth was left standing in the doorway looking at Crystal and reliving the way the woman had kissed her only moments ago. She wondered if Crystal was thinking about it too. There was a hungry look in her eyes as she assessed Beth but clearly, whatever her thoughts may be, she was not about to push Beth again. She motioned for her to take a seat in the living room with Cynthia and Mary again, which she did feeling embarrassed about the scene she’d made.
Andrea and Kelly walked in the room just as Beth tried to settle back into her seat and pretend like everything was normal. She felt her face flush when she looked at the two blondes, despite her efforts to act casual. It was obvious by their disheveled appearance that they’d gone far beyond kissing once finding their way to a bedroom.
“You two look like you’re having a good time,” Cynthia said. Mary giggled and looked nervously toward Beth, probably expecting her to try to dart for the door again.
Kelly slung an arm around Andrea’s shoulder and kissed the other woman on the cheek.
“This, my friends,” Kelly said, “Makes it all worthwhile.”
The two settled onto the floor with Kelly behind Andrea, still massaging and caressing her shoulders. Beth tried her best not to openly stare even when Kelly planted small kisses along Andrea’s neck while Andrea bent to offer her friend better access.
“So, tell us something about yourself, new girl,” Andrea said.
“Oh… um… Well, my name is Beth. I’m recently divorced and just moved to Litchville with my son Max. I was offered a position as a research assistant that I couldn’t pass up. I was hoping that a fresh start in a new town would be good for both of us.”
“You certainly came to the right place,” Kelly said.
Beth bit her tongue.
“Beth isn’t sure that she likes our little group,” Cynthia said with a snort.
Amber and Kelly both looked shocked. Beth shifted under the weight of their stares. It wasn’t normal to do the sort of things these women did in their free time but yet somehow they made her feel like the oddball.
“Obviously, you haven’t given us a fair try.”
“Never mind that, ladies,” Crystal said trying to break the tension, “We have a lot to catch up. Who wants to start?”
Cynthia was quick to raise her hand and spent the next five minutes griping about work and her unforgiving boss. Beth tried to listen but her attention kept going back to Andrea and Kelly. Kelly’s hands had worked their way under Andrea’s shirt while Andrea leaned her head back and helped to guide the woman’s hands over her breasts. No one else in the room was phased by the behavior of the pair.
“Well, you remember last meeting when I told you about my coworker hitting on me?” Mary chimed in.
The other women all nodded and said yes, eager to hear more of Mary’s story rather than listen to anymore of Cynthia’s rant.
“I finally gave in. Turns out he’s not half bad. Neither is his wife.”
“Oh, you naughty girl, you,” Crystal said.
“You’re just jealous.”
“You bet I am. He is quite a hottie.”
“He lives up to my high expectations in the bedroom as well.”
“So, does that mean you’ll be breaking your no sex with coworkers rule more often?”
“Well, I don’t know about that,” Mary said leaning back to stretch, “but I certainly won’t say no to the occasional romp with my new friend.”
“You keep this up and you won’t need us anymore,” Cynthia said with a sour expression on her face.
“Oh, you know that isn’t true, my love. I’ll always have a space in my heart for you. You have skills that can’t compare.”
“Speaking of skills,” Cynthia said, “I’m in dire need at the moment. After the week I’ve had…”


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