#ScintillatingSunday – Hot, Sticky Mess

scintillating sundayHappy Scintillating Sunday! Today several authors will offer you eight words, eight sentences, or eight paragraphs guaranteed to elevate your sensual expectations. Be sure to visit all the participating pages for an experience you won’t soon forget! This new blog hop will soon become your favorite Sunday companion.

Here is a little glimpse into eight sentences of my latest story titled Creamy Delight.


She grabbed the ice cream and allowed it to drizzle down his chest. His eyes widened in surprise but he didn’t resist. His muscles flexed with the sensation of cold as it created chocolate rivers down his body.

“You going to do something about the mess you made?” he said, his voice hoarse with lust.

She stood up so that that they were almost nose to nose and ran her hands down around his broad shoulders before letting her fingertips trail down to the snap on his jeans where she let her hands rest lightly for a moment. She could feel his hardness straining against the fabric so close to her touch but still not close enough. Quickly, she undid the snap and pushed the zipper down slowly so that she could reach inside and feel his need. He didn’t disappoint.

“I always clean my messes.”


Be sure to check out The Mile High Muses site for more tempting snippets by my fellow authors. 😉

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WIP Wednesday – October 28th

WIPimage2Welcome to WIP Wednesday!

For those who aren’t familiar with WIP Wednesday, this is our opportunity to share a little teaser from a current work-in-progress. The stories are likely to change as they make their way down the writing path through revisions and edits, but it’s fun to share a little sneak peek along the way. I have been absent for quite a while but fully intend to jump back into regular posting so thanks for sticking with me!

My snippet this week comes from my current work-in-progress titled Creamy Delight. With a bit of luck, this ebook will be available in early November. Yummy!


Ray stood up and slid into the booth beside her so that they were sitting shoulder to shoulder. She could feel his hot breath on her face when she looked up into his eyes searching for some sign, wishing to know his intentions.

“You always smell so good,” he said softly. His voice was hoarse.

“Thank you.”

“Are you going to eat that?”

“Oh… I …” She realized in horror that the chocolate ice cream had started melting all down her arm and the table and she’d been so focused on him that she hadn’t even noticed.

“Or shall I?”

She held out the ice cream to him. She didn’t have much of an appetite anymore, not for ice cream at least. Her shallow breathing gave away her true hunger. Ray took the ice cream and held it so close that several drops leaked down between her breasts. She jumped back, clutching her chest, realizing that she couldn’t escape the booth to get napkins. All she could do was lean back her head as Ray lowered his head to her chest and lapped at the very top of her breasts. She closed her eyes and sighed.

“You really are very yummy.”

His fingers deftly unbuttoned two buttons on her blouse, exposing more of her to him. He worked harder licking and kissing and let his fingers slide lightly over her left nipple. She could feel it tighten under his touch and squirmed lightly, wishing that she didn’t have the fabric of her bra and the blouse in the way.

Ray clearly felt the same way because he soon gave up on gently caressing her through the fabric and unbuttoned the rest of her blouse so that it hung open between them. He paused from enjoying his treat to allow more of the ice cream to drip down over her exposed body. She gasped as the coldness covered her flesh. She leaned back slightly as Ray moved to gobble the melted ice cream from her skin, starting at the top of her breasts and slowly working over the bra and down to her belly. One strong hand held her back to offer support.


creamy delight coverThanks for reading and be sure to click the link and check out the other WIP offerings. You won’t be disappointed. 😉

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